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SA Paranormal Investigation: Ford House - Kapunda - SA (2013)

Ford House - Kapunda

Ford House, situated on the Main Street of Kapunda, is amongst one of the oldest buildings in the small country town 77 km's north of Adelaide, in South Australia
 On the 17th of November, Overland Paranormal and Eidolon Paranormal were kindly allowed access to investigate the building by the owners.
For many years now the occupants have come to interact with the spirits inside the building, a young lady named Mary, who is thought to have died in an accident with a dumbwaiter, crushing her early twenty-something body in the lower dining room (If the dumb-waiter existed - it is long gone now), and a pair of young children who play at the top of the ornate wooden staircase that leads to the upstairs bedrooms of this beautiful and well kept Bed and Breakfast, in what is considered, one of the most haunted towns in Australia.

 Ford house has been many things over the years, but it was thought to be one of the first General Stores in Kapunda, if not the very first. Since its first inception as a single story building in the 1840s, it has since been rebuilt into the two-story building which was split in half. Later the two halves were combined to make one large mansion.
Over the past One hundred and Fifty years it has been many things, a plumbers shop, a General Store, a Barber, and Egg-wholesaler, a private residence, there is even whispers of it once being a very profitable  "House of Ill-repute" (A "knock-Shop", or Whorehouse).


Like many investigations, this time we didn't get a single thing, no EVPs, no photos and even Overland Paranormals SB-& Spirit box got zero voices. Ford House was totally utterly devoid of paranormal activity on the night in question - or maybe the spirits were just hiding in another room away from us? Who knows, but in any case, on this investigation, we recorded nothing out of the ordinary in way, shape or form.

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