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Eidolon Investigations: Private House: Blackwood South Australia (2008)

 Private Residence
Location: Blackwood, South Australia
Location Type: 2 Story solid brick residence
Location Status: Private Residence
Website: N/A
Denomination: Predominately Catholic Residents  
2008: Allen investigated a private residence near the suburb of Blackwood, South Australia.
 Although the family wish to remain anonymous, they have allowed the display of some photos taken during Allen's investigation of the property

 All names have been changed to protect the identities
of the people involved.


The Investigation

Allen's Investigation began with an initial sweep of the premises, noting all reflective surfaces and all EMF interference possibilities. Allen then proceeded to take some base-line temperature readings in the locations where sightings and phenomena had been witnessed. He also proceed to map the premises and mark all locations where phenomena occurred.
Whilst going about his normal investigative routine, Allen did make an extraordinary discovery! A hidden room and tunnel were found at the back of the entertainment room, hidden away and totally unknown to the tenants.
Allen gathered video and digital camera images in various parts of the premises, however, the media proved to be inconclusive, with only various coloured orbs being produced in photos where phenomena were sighted -  orbs are not proof of paranormal activity, nor spirits being active, but can be used as reference if the phenomena is being witnessed by one or more investigators at the time the event was captured on media devices

On a number of other occasions, whilst visiting the house (in an unofficial capacity, and therefore unprepared!), Some Phenomena was witnessed first hand, including a  "vortex" which consisted of two small red lighted objects circling in a funnel shape, as if caught in a cyclone, the "vortex" measured about 40cm in height and approximately 20cm across its top. Witness's still have no explanation for this phenomena


The Tenant's story

Anna resides in a two story house in the foothills of Adelaide, The house is a circa 1950's double brick house with the main living area upstairs and a large rumpus/games room downstairs, which also houses the laundry, a storage area and a doorway into an enclosed garage
 After moving into the house it became apparent, rather quickly that the house had uninvited guests. Opera music would often be heard in an upstairs bedroom from no apparent source. Anna's teenage daughter would search to no avail for its source. Standing in the hallway, one would not hear the music, but a person in the bedroom, across the door threshold, could hear it clearly.
 A lady with red hair would often be seen (or sensed) walking through the house, often seen in one particular downstairs storage area, it is thought by Anna, that this lady is responsible for the classical music heard in the upstairs bedroom.
 A man was seen in the upstairs lounge room and hallways, often appearing as a shadow, but sometimes appearing as a fully formed, solid looking apparition, he watched the family intently but never made then feel threatened.
 Upon the staircase, a little boy would often be seen. He appeared to be blue in colour, and very forlorn, like he had lost someone or something important....
Poltergeist activity was also reported in the downstairs entertainment area, doors opening and closing with a gusto not possible through wind or air-pressure, washing baskets flying across the room, and the lid of the washing machine opening and closing of its own accord, defying physics.  Anyone sleeping in this lower entertainment area would report being touched or having their blankets removed by unseen hands.
 Reports of a swirling red mist, likened to that of a cyclone, seen near the entertainment entrance doors, have come from various sources. The mist appeared about 40cms tall, and 20cms wide at its top, with two red "orbs" flying inside it in a circular motion from top to bottom..

 Inside the lower entertainment area, Washing machines are concealed behind these cupboard doors

Staircase leading down to Entertainment area. the spirit of a small boy has been witnessed here


A Hidden Tunnel

 During our initial sweep of the premises we uncovered this tunnel in the back of the Entertainment room

looking back up the tunnel to the storage room
looking from storage room to hidden room
in the tunnel

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