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UFO Sighted in Adelaide, South Australia

UFO Sighted in Adelaide, South Australia

Monday, 8 march, 20??
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 Adelaide: Farmers in the Adelaide hills have discovered mutilated animal corpses and burn marks on the ground which UFO researchers claim indicates alien spacecraft have landed in the area.
The latest claims follow rumours of dozens of sightings of UFOs in the rural areas of Mt Barker and MT Sterling, about 20km south of Adelaide.UFO researchers claim bizarre killings have been covered up by the military in a bid to quash a UFO scare in the area.
In one incident researchers say, a farmer discovered four cows with holes drilled into their skulls and the brains removed. According to the reports, farmers have been warned to "keep quiet".
Other discoveries, researchers say, include egg-shaped "pod" marks near the property. These indicate a craft had landed, they claim.
Rocks in the pod holes were crushed, tree tops were burnt and dozens of birds found dead nearby.
Police in both areas said they had not been told about the animal mutilations, but many people in the area had reported seeing UFOs and strange lights in the sky.
Adelaide UFO researcher, Mr. Colin Norris, said he had been told to "drop off" - after making enquiries into the sightings. Mr Norris, a director of the Australian UFO research society, said "The area where the bodies of the cows were found is often used by the army and is closed off".
"I have been told they asked the farmer to remain quiet about the animals and that they would cover the whole thing up"
"If it is all true - and I have no reason to doubt that it is not - then it must be checked out becuase it tallies with similar incidents which have happened all over the world - most of these kind of incidents are hushed up in one way or another"
Mr. Norris said the pod marks and burnt tree tops indicated a craft had landed in the area - but the discovery of the dead animals suggested "extraterrestrials" had left their ship.
He said: "These beings would have to have left their craft to get to the animals"
" There was a similar report in the United States a  few years ago where a farmer tied a calf to a tree by the by the leg. He returned to the calf sometime later and claims it was being pulled into a spacecraft. He cut the rope around its leg because it was screaming in pain".
"Later he told UFO investigators he discovered the skin of the animal - minus its carcass."
"And there have been dozens of similar incidents of animal mutilations reported across the world".

UFO Near Gladstone - 1996
Wednesday night, May 22, 1996, at about 9 p.m., home owners in Gladstone, a town in South Australia, Phoned the police to report unusual lights in the sky.
Answering the call were two officers, Senior Constable Andrew Luhrs and his partner. At first, Luhrs feared the lights were flares from a ship in distress out in the Spencer Gulf. But when the cops arrived, they saw "a strange star-sized light" on the western horizon.
"The reports were of a star-shaped light above the horizon which seemed the change colour to red, to white and then to blue," Luhrs said. "The light would throb with an increased intensity prior to each change of colour and hover in the sky for some time and then dart and cover large distances, doing a number of right-angled turns at high speed. We observed the same lights as these people saw and confirmed their suspicions."
In Brisbane, an Air Services Australia spokeswoman said one of their ASA helicopters was searching the ocean near Gladstone between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. that night. The search began after an aircraft in that area reported picking up faint noises on their emergency frequencies just after 6 p.m. "But there was no aircraft reported missing," the spokeswoman said, "And the search didn't turn up anything. It appears there was some kind of static on the signal. It's not something that I've dealt with before--it's unusual."
Also on Wednesday night, a few friends spotted a UFO with "a flashing red, white and blue light" near the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) base at Amberley.
In Ipswich, Queensland, at around 11 p.m., two men captured the UFO on video.
On Sunday, May 26, 1996, the Melbourne Sunday Herald-Sun ran a story on the flap entitled "UFOs Sighted Around Nation."
According to Ross Dowe of Australia's National UFO Hotline, "People saw multi-colored lights moving around (the sky) in Horsham (Victoria) at 10:30 p.m., in Wangaratta (Victoria) at 10:40 p.m. and in Sydney (New South Wales) at 9 p.m."
Wangaratta is 235 miles east of Horsham. Also, Wangaratta had previous UFO sightings this year during January and February.
UFOs were also seen Friday night, May 24, 1996, around the city of Adelaide, 120 miles south of Gladstone.
According to the Sunday Herald-Sun, an eyewitness, Kathy Dickman, 47, and her family watched three lights in the sky for 20 minutes, beginning at 9 p.m., in the Adelaide foothills. "We thought it was a plane or helicopter at first, but they were moving like you wouldn't expect anything we know of to move," Mrs. Dickman said. "Then we pulled over and just watched as the lights just hovered, flashing on and off about every second or so for about 20 minutes."
Colin Norris, director of the Australian International UFO Association in Adelaide, said six UFO sightings had been reported around Australia during the week. He said callers described the UFO as "a white ball the size of a full moon which hovered and then sank to the horizon over several minutes."
Note: Australia's ongoing UFO flap began January 1, 1996 with sightings at Myree, a desert town near Wangaratta.

Adelaide Hills grazier Andrew Davidson is frankly baffled. What spooked one of his horses to go into a wild, galloping, whinnying panic for a couple of nights recently? What caused a big, egg-shaped "circle" to appear mysteriously on a remote paddock about the same time?
"It's almost as if you'd brought a huge branding iron down and went whoooosh and pulled it up again," Andrew says, shaking his head. "Like putting a brand on the hide of a cow - but the strange thing is, the grass isn't burned. It's more like it has had the life sucked out of it and been left lying down in flat patterns."
Andrew, who owns a large sheep farm 35km east of Adelaide, points out the odd patterns - one clockwise, the other anti-clockwise. The dead grass patch [ring] is 56cm wide, forming an egg shape 22 metres by 13 metres. "There were no wheel marks - no trucks or tractors or rollers," Andrew says. "My mate can back me on that." (There were definitely no signs of tracks when we went to the site 11 days later)
Andrew's friend John Purvis was the first to find the circle as he cut across the paddock to get wood for his fire early on November 16. "The untouched surroundings really puzzled me. I raced home (he lives in a cottage on the property), got my video camera and recorded it.
"It was weird about our horse, too. He was in the same paddock as the circle, and a few nights before I found it, he was galloping and whinnying and carrying on like a mad thing." Andrew Davidson's way of heading off the skeptics who might think he is crazy has been to call in a group of experts to unravel the mystery.
"I got the agronomist from the Department of Agriculture at Mt Barker. I wasn't there when he called, but from what I've heard he was totally perplexed. When I talked to him later he said, 'Look, there's no biological or agricultural explanation - no fungus, no root-rot or weedkillers or anything like that."
Graeme Budgen, a scientist with a consulting engineering company who did soil and radiation tests, found strange readings in the circle. The salt content in the circle was 40% higher than the rest of the paddock (a characteristic of "UFO circles") and radiation was up.
"The moisture content is especially weird," Graeme says. "It's much higher on the circle than away from it, yet the soil on the circle feels and looks dry and crumbly and the rest of the paddock is soaking wet. There's something very strange here and I cannot conclude what has happened. My opinion is that it's no hoax. A hoaxer couldn't duplicate an elaborate thing like this." [There's a couple of very good photos, one showing the egg-shaped 'track' from an elevated position with three men standing inside, and one close up showing the 'dead' grass]
Colin Norris, director of Australian International UFO Research, agrees. "I've looked into thousands of UFO phenomena and I can spot a fake a mile off. This is no hoax. There has been a visit from an extra-terrestrial craft here, for sure. In the eight weeks leading up to this I had a spate of UFO reports around these parts. The Air Force rang me because they were getting so many reports of lights moving and standing still in the Adelaide Hills."
As the evidence piles up, Andrew Davidson admits his lifetime disbelief in UFOs has taken a battering. Crop circles, or "the calling cards of UFOs" as their believers call them, were first reported in 1976 and serious research began in 1980. One of the most controversial sites has been in the Wessex Triangle in England - an area rich in mystical associations and location of Stonehenge.
Story: Liz Johnswood.

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