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The Stigmata: Father Zlatko Sudac

The Stigmata
Zlatko Sudac

Father Sudac is a Catholic Priest in Yugoslavia from the town of Vrbnik on Krk Island, Croatia. He began studying for the priesthood in 1993 after finishing a term of service, which is mandatory, in the Yugoslavian Army.

On the 29th of June 1998, Sudac was ordained a Priest. Father Sudac currently involves himself in religious seminars and retreats in his home country, which bring in large crows due to his Stigmata.
Father Sudac's stigmata appears on his hands, side and feet, as one would expect, but also as a cross on his forehead.
It is said as he paints, his fingertips bleed, as does his Stigmata.

There has been a growing cult around Father Sudac, with one Clergy man claiming “ There isn’t a Church in the World that can hold Sudac”, meaning that large numbers of parishioners are coming to to see the miracle of the stigmata for themselves, and hope to be blessed by the young priest.

With great fame also comes great scrutiny, and Sudac is finding that many people, sceptical people, are not believing his stigmata is real, so at the same time as thousand flocking to see him, a small number, of louder voiced, opinionated people, are there to mock and prove him to be a fake.

Interestingly, Sudac often does not appear with the Stigmata whilst delivering Mass, this off course adds more weight in the mind of the sceptics, but for the true believers, they have faith that this priest is telling the truth, that Jesus himself has bestowed this gift upon him, and for them, seeing isn’t believing, faith for them is enough.

Sudac is still alive and well in Croatia. He still delivers Mass as required by duty, and attracts large throngs of worshippers who come to witness his Stigmata and other holy gifts. In time we could well witness him become a Saint.

For more information on Father Sudac, the following links are provided - in Croation but can be translated to English

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