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Stigmata: Introduction

The Stigmata

Greek: Plural, Stigma singular. Στίγμα  - meaning to brand, mark or tattoo, used for identification of livestock or slaves. An Individual bearing a stigmata is known as a “stigmatic” or a “Stigmatist”.

The Stigmata is an often overlooked phenomena in the paranormal world, that focus's so heavily on ghosts and UFO's, we at Eidolon Paranormal like to do things a little differently than other teams, and research a vast array of different topics, and keep away from recycling the same old stories we so often see on paranormal forums, in what seems to be an endless cycle of trying to “top” another teams work. Really though, how many times do paranormal fans out there want to read about Amityville (for example), with a slight variation of events, it'd be like watching the same episode of ghost adventures in a highlight real again and again with a slight variation to Zaks hair – you wouldn't want to watch it, we wouldn't want to present it.
So, as we have done before with our look into “Hex house” ( and Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs, we are going to delve into The Stigmata and some short biographies on people who were blessed, or suffered from it, (as the case may be) – as per usual with all our topics we present, we will provide links and direction for you to research the subject yourself (if you choose) – there is nothing better than making discoveries on your own, and we would like to encourage you to do so, rather than accepting what we put out as gospel.

So What is the Stigmata?
The Stigmata is used a term used to describe marks upon someone’s body, sores, wounds or pains that correspond with the crucifixion wounds suffered by Jesus Christ, the wounds appear on the feet and hands, a wound on the side, and sometimes many small wounds, or severe pain around ones head usually in conjunction with many marks across ones side and back. (an often overlooked aspect of the Stigmata that is associated with the “scourging” of Jesus with cat-o-nine tail type whips)
The main wounds are where the nails were driven into Jesus feet and hands, where the crown of thorns were placed upon his head, and where Roman Soldier, Longinus drove a spear into Jesus side.
Many blessed Saints have become famous for the stigmata appearing upon their bodies, St. Francis of Assisi and Saint Padre Pio, being amongst them, but everyday, ordinary people have also bore the wounds of Christ and, as you are going to see with the coming Stigmata posts, it is not only men who the wounds appear on, but women also.

Is it real?
There is also another side to the Stigmata debate – many people have tried to falsify their stigmata wounds, inflicting them upon themselves, they are always caught out very quickly by the sceptics, but the same sceptics will also accuse those of genuine wounds that they are crazy, attention seekers or mentally ill.
We could open debate here on whether Stigmata is real or not, and no doubt we would have an equal amount of support for both arguments, and a heated debate, but at this time, we are not looking to open discussion on the subject, just to highlight people who have had it, and the lives they have led, maybe get some insight and perspective on its effects, physically and mentally, and to offer you some links to start researching the effect for yourselves.
If of course debate does open on the subject, or you wish to contribute on any of the posts we present, we welcome it, but, we ask that you respect other peoples opinions and do not bully or harass another contributor for having their own opinion, we do have a policy for our page which you can find in our about section - – and we do enforce it with a zero tolerance for Bullying, abusive or derogatory comments....

With that said, this is truly a fascinating subject that needs exploring further. There are so many unanswered questions. Why do the wounds not get infected?
Why do some wounds smell like roses?
Is it a psychological physical manifestation and not Holy and of God?
Why are some Stigmata wounds in the wrist and not the hand?

Hopefully some of these questions will be answered along the way, others you will find in our summary at the end of this series that will appearing on our blog and our website simultaneously, links will also be put on our facebook page to the main story of the day.
We thank you in advance for reading our work, and hope it inspires you to research further.

The Team at Eidolon Paranormal

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