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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Karen Sherry

Karen Sherry
Australian Paranormal Investigators

Karen was born in Glasgow Scotland, about eight years ago she moved here, to sunny Adelaide, and lived here for about two years before to moving to Brisbane, Queensland, where she now resides and is an investigator for the Australian Paranormal Investigators team.

Karen cannot remember a specific point in time where her interest in the paranormal sprung from, but living in the United Kingdom, with all the historic buildings, castles and homes, many of which are hundreds of years old, it wasn't hard for her to develop an interest in the history, nor the paranormal, as ghost stories are rife throughout the United Kingdom

 Although Karen doesn't have a specific time period she became interested in the paranormal she does have a memory of something unusual, when she was about 6 years old, Karen can remember sitting, playing with a deck of cards. She distinctly remembers deciding to give herself a “reading”, making a rule for every number and colour pattern on the cards, she set about doing her reading. It wasn't until much later in life that Karen discovered her Gran and her sister were card readers, but they had never told her, nor done any readings in her presence, so there was no way she could have known about their interest.
Australian Paranormal Investigators
 In the beginning of Karen's journey to investigation, she would take ghost tours and stay overnight in haunted hotels, hoping to experience phenomena, but it wasn't enough, she wanted to know and learn more. It wasn't until her move to Australia that she decided to make the change from enthusiast to investigator, her only regret being she didn't take the opportunity to follow the path in the United kingdom, with all those historic buildings and locations
  Making the change from enthusiast to investigator has changed Karen's life, Karen had this to say about the change.

Its made it busier at times for sure, like most of us tying it in with a full time career.   It’s a strange one really, in one hand its opened my eyes to more possibilities for sure, but in the other hand its also made me more sceptical as well.  Its human nature, the more you do, the more you experience, the more frequent things happen….the more you can find patterns or alternative reasoning… then resulting in becoming hungry for a ‘ paranormal experience’  that a logical reason cant be applied.  I'm definitely more passionate nowadays that I ever was and more into history, researching than at the start when it was all about just ‘experience’s’ now its ‘ trying to match those to truthful events I guess.”

Karen has been very lucky with investigations due to the fact she has been able to travel abroad to soe of the worlds better known haunted locations. Here are a few of places Karen has visited and her descriptions of events, in her own words:
On the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
I have been lucky enough to do 4 weekend investigations in the past few years and never disappointed.  RMS Queen Mary was built in my home town of Glasgow, luxury cruise liner in the 30/40s, then a war ship transporting POWs, then a cruise liner again after that… the amount of reports on this ship is amazing and more than any other place I know.. good odds of having an experience or capturing EVP etc, its my definite No.1 because paranormal aside the history and feeling of that ship is a real step back in time and spending the weekend on board you actually feel like your back there… amazing experience hunting or not!
The Queen Mary
I have developed a really good relationship with some researchers in the US that has allowed me access to places where the normal public don’t go, so that has probably heightened my experience on the Queen Mary I have to say.”
I asked Karen to name three locations that impressed her, of course, with her impressive list of places she has visited, three became a hard choice!

Karen's top three:
 "The Edinburgh Vaults, Scotland:  Firstly because its just an amazing historic location.  Investigated 3 times now and never disappointed with personal experiences, EVP and temperature/ EMF fluctuations hard to explain.  Genuine feeling of energy at times down there and just an impressive place to have had the chance to investigate.
Airth Castle, Scotland: again, amazing historic location.  Large wooden doors closing unaided, evp and unexplainable readings.  Impressive location whether paranormal or not.. the experience is worth it
Thirdly id say my home ( or at least my home when we first moved in and started renovating) certainly not as an impressive location as the others but some things experienced there was the primary reason and catapult for me getting involved in API.  This was not just personal experiences either as other visitors to the house would wonder why certain things were happening.  I do have to say after a year it all calmed down very nicely and I now kinda miss my old visitors.  Its now just back to a normal home!
Id tag on the ' Hotel Del Coronado' to my 4th, the location alone is just amazing, with the mountainous reports 3 of us spent a weekend there tracing steps of previous reports as well as spending 2 over nights in the notorious rooms, spending time in this historic hotel was a real step back in time and we are so glad we had the opportunity to investigate a location like this , paranormal aside because of its grandeur and notoriety it was one of my favourites.
I would like to state that we have had some interesting locations within Australia of course, but with our top hot spots overseas there's just nothing as yet that has been able to knock any of them off my list...YET"

I asked Karen if she could share with us a story of any unusual experiences she had had whilst investigating, or in general.

Karen: “A rather nice ‘ possible’ experience was at Bungunyah Manor, QLD where one of the  tales is of the lady who used to own the building.  Shes been frequently seen and one report stands out where she knocked on a room door of 3 ladies in middle of a blackout and asking the ladies in the room if they would like a cup of tea,  at that point they thought it was the owner, to only then see her turn and walk through a wall.  I found that story rather funny and cute.  One of the times we investigated in ‘the room in question’  at 2am,  my kettle started boiling.  I checked the switch and its an old flick switch i.e not easy to put on or off by accident.. so only a possible ‘ paranormal’ but a cute one on the chance that the nice little lady wanted to make me a cuppa also.”

Karen has told me that her favourite piece of equipment is her trusty voice recorder, she uses it without other ITC devices, and gets good clean EVPS, I also asked Karen what her best or favourite piece of paranormal related evidence is:
Karen “For definite,  EVP from the Queen Mary, its most definitely residual but its so prominent and beats anything else we have.  I love it because how do you logically explain 40 minutes at 1am of  creaking and groaning noises like an old ship, old clock ‘ ticking’  when there was an old art deco clock in the room that hasn’t worked for years, keys jangling when it’s a card swipe and most predominantly footsteps on wooden floor when everything’s carpeted.  It really sounds like a little snipped of time gone by and only 40 minutes out of 4 hrs recording an a complete fluke as all I did was leave a camcorder running in my stateroom whilst I was investigating elsewhere on the ship.” 

Karen and Australian Paranormal Investigators have so far not been approached for much in the way of media related enquiries, and in fact, have shied away from it, but they did partake in one interview for “Coast to Country NSW” magazine, who published a spread on the team investigating a historical homestead in New South Wales.

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