Monday, 11 July 2016

Haunted Buildings in Adelaide - Allen Tiller


"Paranormal Historian in Residence"


"Haunted Buildings in Adelaide"

presented by

 Adelaide City Council Libraries


Allen Tiller 

Allen Tiller, paranormal investigator and star of the international smash hit television show Haunting: Australia, founder of Eidolon Paranormal, South Australian Paranormal and the author of book and blog, “The Haunts of Adelaide” will be working in conjunction with the Adelaide City Council Libraries to present the world’s first Paranormal History Residency. Allen has over ten years’ experience researching and investigating the paranormal and has been recognised for his historical research by the National Library of Australia’s PANDORA Archives.

You can read Allen's research from this historic residency via this link:


Saturday, 9 July 2016



Events or phenomena such as ‘telekinesis’, ‘hauntings’ or ‘clairvoyance’ that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding and knowledge.

Many things proven to be “paranormal” in the past have since become “normal” in our understanding – electricity is a good example of this, as is gravity.

“Paranormal” is a far wider reaching genre than just ghosts and haunting as movies will have you believe, it also includes UFO, Aliens, Near Death Experience, Psychic Abilities, ESP and Cryptozoology (among other subjects)

A “Paranormal Investigator” has an interest in researching, investigating and documenting all of the above phenomena, as opposed to a “Ghost Hunter” who is only interested in investigating, researching and documenting ghosts and haunting phenomena.

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Friday, 8 July 2016



An event, manifestation or existence relating to a force or “being” beyond scientific understanding, or the laws of nature.
Usually related to a God, Angel or demon or other religious type phenomena (but can also include ghosts). 

Religious books are full of examples of the Supernatural, not just Angels, but other phenomena such as “the burning bush”.
 It does not usually relate to experiences of “ghosts & hauntings” as these (usually) fall into the realm of the ‘paranormal’, or more often than not, the realm of the ‘Xenonormal’ and a scientific explanation that involves current scientific knowledge, may be able to explain much of the phenomena.

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Thursday, 7 July 2016


“Xeno”: meaning “foreign”
“Normal” meaning “common understanding”

Xenonormal means “the unfamiliar but natural”. 

Often paranormal phenomena experienced by a witness has a natural cause, but on occasion the witness (and sometimes paranormal investigators) don’t know there is a natural explanation for what they are experiencing.
 For example;  A resident hears some odd knocking from under their floorboards, and conclude it must be a ghost, a plumber on the other hand, hearing the same noise, would assume it’s a pipe knocking. 
The “paranormal experience” now becomes a “Xenonormal” experience, one that is naturally explainable, but the natural explanation is unknown by the resident.

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