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After Many requests from our readers here and on other sites I have decided to reinstate this page. We here at Eidolon make no claims that these prayers are going protect you against the unknown....

Whether it be affirmations, Prayers to God, Angels or Saints, or the use of symbols and white light, spiritual  protection is as important as a torch on any ghost hunt.
 Some reading this may scoff at such a suggestion, but they forget, or have no understanding of the power of prayer. Prayer can build strength from within, comforting and calming ones mind so as not to be shocked or fearful of that which we don't understand... is better to be safe than sorry...


I am sealed from all imperfect  energies. 
I am divinely protected and guided.  Any spirits that I encounter will remain bound to the confines of the cemetery/house/location.
May all that is not in accordance with the highest will of God, within and without my entire being, be immediately transformed into divine light.
In the name of God( or an Angel or Saint), please protect and guide me as I investigate [insert your location here], keep me safe from those that mean me harm


Visualise a bubble of white light around yourself, protecting the outer edge of your aura like a strong, flexible egg-shell. Your bubble can be filled with any colour that takes your fancy when you visualise it- blue is always good for protection. Experiment to see which colour you feel most comfortable with. Make sure that your bubble goes all around you- behind your back and under your feet too. Use your intention to ensure that the bubble repels all negativity, but will allow positive energies to flow through it. Put your bubble in place whenever you feel the need for protection. – and remember to KEEP REINFORCING IT!


Psychic Protection Prayer

I/We humbly ask for divine protection to protect us on all levels. We ask for the heavenly rays to be poured upon us in abundance.
I/We command the presence of the angelic realms and for Metatron and Michael to stand at the head.
May the Christ light, the Buddha light, the Mahatma Energy, the holy spirit, the reiki energy, the light of all Archangelic beings and all Ascended Masters permanently encase US with their love………..
We ask the mahatma energy to integrate with every aspect of our being. We also ask the mahatma energy to integrate with every aspect of mother earth and all lifeforms according to the highest will of God.
I/We call forth Archangel Zadkiel, and St Germain and ask for the Silver – Violet –Flame to be fully anchored, and permanently encased within and around our whole beings…
I/We ask that this Silver violet Divine flame be sent forth into our past…into our present …into our future transmuting all our karma ...we also ask Lord Melchizedek, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael to assist us….to help us transmute and perfectly balance all karma.
We ask the archangels to place a protective star of David, around our being and home permanently.
We call forth Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Hanniel and the company of Heaven and ask for the green flame, and the white flame to be fully anchored and permanently encased within and without our beings.
We also call forth Archangel Metatron , the Mahatma, Lord maitreya and Sananda and ask for all negative thoughtforms, lost souls, negative residues, negative elementals and soul fragments to be permanently healed and taken into the light….. within our auric fields, homes and world…may all be freed according to the highest will of God.
We also ask for the pink flame of the Archangelic realms to be fully anchored and permanently encased within and without our being.
I/We ask Archangel Michael to fully anchor your Silver Armoured Metallic Suit Around our beings permanently.
I/We ask Archangel Michael to cut away all karmic ties permanently and to anchor your special blue armoured flame permanently, encasing our whole being, from within and without, I/We also call forth Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael and ask for the sealing and transmutation of all holes and leakages within and without my Auric Field.
May all that is not in accordance with the highest will of God, within and without my entire being be immediately transmuted into Divine Light
May I be Divinely aligned, healed and re-energised on every level of my being, perfectly balanced within the three fold flame of God.
May I always be shown the way and given full support in all the work I do for mankind's advancement and spiritual enhancement and healing.
May I be purified and Blessed upon every level of my being, in the work I do and be given more and more divine power as each day goes by and more and more protection as my healing progresses and expands.
May I radiate the heavenly rays wherever I go and help all who come across my path.
Dear beloved God Presence, I AM (Monad) presence, Soul Presence, The Mahatma Energy, the collective consciousness of the Ascended Masters, In the name of the God within us, we ask that this Divine meditative prayer, be multiplied and manifested and used to assist all lifeforms on this planet and throughout the universe. We accept it done according to the highest Will of God.
I / We humbly Thankyou – Amen 

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