Saturday, 18 February 2012

February 2012

Well, its been a while since I posted anything here, my excuse - "We've been too busy!"
In the past few months Karen and I have clocked up massive amounts of Kilometres visiting haunted locations around South Australia, by ourselves and with other teams involved in the SA Paranormal meet-ups.

The teams with guide, Kathy Webb and host Tony Holland at the Gladstone Gaol 2012

 Our most recent investigation was at the Gladstone Gaol complex located in Gladstone South Australia, this investigation involved 5 teams, Adelaide Spirit Chasers, Adelaide Shadow hunters, Shadow Riders Paranormal Investigations, Mid North Paranormal, and of course, Eidolon Paranormal.
Members of Adelaide Spirit Chasers, Adelaide Shadow Hunters and Karen of Eidolon Paranormal
 We rotated through the sections of the gaol so everyone could get a chance at investigating different areas, then we all joined together as one big team for experimentation in various areas, it was a fantastic evening, with varying results, for more about the gaol visit our website or facebook pages of the teams involved.
The new S.A. Paranormal logo designed by Allen Tiller and Karen Paynter

 S.A. Paranormal was founded by Allen with the aim of bringing paranormal teams and the public together to learn, experience, investigate and chat about all things paranormal, it has taken some time, but finally we are achieving the original goal set out almost 3 years ago. Expect more investigations and more teams to be involved this year as we gain more interested parties, not just from S.A. but all over Australia

We are looking forward to networking with a lot of new contacts we have made recently, and to some really great investigation locations we have already booked for the year!

We would also like welcome Jayde Richards back into the Eidolon Paranormal team, Jayde took a year away from the Paranormal scene to travel the world....Jayde has been a member of PRISM and had her own team in NSW, she is a well rounded investigator with plenty of experience and a welcome asset to the team :)

2012 is going to be a massive year for Eidolon Paranormal and S.A. Paranormal!