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Nikola Tesla

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!!
(first published 10th July 2013)

Today we celebrate what would have been the 157th birthday of one of the greatest minds to have ever lived.
Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, Lika,in Croatia. Nikolas Father was Serbian Orthodox Priest, and his Mother a stay at home Muj, but one who would influence Nikola no-end, Djuka, his Mother was very inventive and designed her own home appliances to make her work easier for herself.
Nikola was a bright young man, and studied at Realschule, Karlstadt, The Polytechnic Institute in Austria and The University of Prague, his specialities were mathematics and physics.
It was in 1881 that Nikola started working for a telephone company in Hungary as an electrical engineer. Soon he joined the Continental Edison Company in Paris France, which in turn led him to accept an offer for work in America with Thomas Edison in New York City.

Tesla & Edison got a long well at first, but things changed when Tesla challenged Edisons notion that currents can only flow in one direction ( Direct Current ). Tesla knew better, and knew currents were cyclical and could change direction (AC) – This led to a stoush between the two men over a bonus Edison had offered Tesla to improve his system s,. if which Tesla had done. Edison went back on his word and told Tesla the bonus had been a “American joke”. Tesla, justly, quit working for Edison

George Westinghouse, an American Industrialist, inventor and entrepreneur, saw an opportunity with Tesla Patents, to disrupt his rival Edison, and bought 40 U.S. Patents of Tesla's designs for polyphase alternating current generators, transformers and motors... Tesla ended up working for Westinghouse, where money was spent developing the AC system.

In 1895, one of tesla's dreams became reality when his design for a new hydroelectric power plant became operational at Niagara Falls....

Tesla was the inventor of many things we use today, in fact, without Tesla, modern society would be very different indeed.

An incomplete list of inventions credited to Nikola Tesla:
1. Tesla Coil & auto ignition system
2. AC polyphase system
3. Exploration of solar and thermal energy
4. Transmitting Power without Wires
5. Radio (Marconi's patent was overturned in 1943)
6. Employing Electricity as a Fertiliser
7. Fluorescent Lighting & neon lights
8. X-ray devices
9. Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft
10. Terrestrial Stationary Waves
11. Robotics
12. Devices for ionized gases
13. Superconducting device
14. Devices for lightning protection
15. Magnifying transmitter
16. Charged particles beam
17. Thermo-Electric Power
18. Radiation
19. Radar
20. Electrotherapeutics - Tesla currents
21. Computing Logic Circuits
22. Remote Control/Communications
23. Bladeless Turbine
24. Apparatus for ozone generation

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