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Jael De Pardo

Jael de Pardo

Jael de Pardo, one of the stars of television show “Haunted Highway” (which first aired on July 3rd 2012) was born in Colombia.
You may have seen Jael in her many Television appearances on shows such Destination Truth, Fact or Faked, or her current starring role on Haunted Highway with Jack Osbourne. 

Jael is somewhat of a real life Lara Croft, daring to go into places others wont, this instinct for going where Angels fear to tread has seen her go deep into the radioactive areas of Chernobyl in search of paranormal phenomenon with the team from Destination Truth, explore rain forests and the Egyptian desert!

Jael has done many things in her long standing career, starting out in acting and modelling at the very young age of four years old. She went to to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied Multimedia Design and Exhibit Design.
Her career led her to modelling for such brands as Levi, Apple, Sony and Nissan, and led her to be the spokeswoman for the National Anti-Tobacco Truth Campaign.
Jael has also starred in the movie “Subway Cafe” alongside Rick Gonzalez and Crystal Allen, a movie that looks into the world of several customers in a dining cafe and how the world constantly changes about them. 
Not long after Jael found herself on network “Current TV” as a field reporter, this in turn led to a stint on “Destination Truth” as a field producer and researcher, “Monster Hunter” and then onto Syfy Channels “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files”

Jael has definitely made a strong mark on the paranormal community, commanding respect for her hands on approach to investigating everything ghosts, to UFO's and crytozoology, as well as urban legends, myths, and a whole host of other paranormal phenomena.


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