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Chasey Ray McKnight: Tennessee Wraith Chasers

Chasey Ray McKnight

In 2013 a new show hit the airwaves, “Ghostland Tennessee” which featured paranormal investigators from the Tennessee Wraith Chasers team, Doogie, Chasey, Ashley, Brannon, Porter, Chris, and Bourbon the dog!

In August of 2011 Sumner County native, Chasey Ray McKnight joined Tennessee Wraith Chasers team as an investigator
Chasey was born in August of 1981, and hails from Sumner County, Tennessee, A southern state of America which, during the civil war with the Union, supplied more soldiers to the war effort for the Confederate Army, and the Union army than any other state, which is odd when you think about it, brother fighting brother?
Could this also be a small part of why Tennessee is such a haunted place?

Chasey was raised a Baptist, born in Gallatin Tennesee, and raised in Castalian Springs, he has served in various roles in his local community, including a volunteer firefighter and a local EMS first.
Chasey experienced paranormal phenomena when his Mother was ill, his intrigue and curiosity led him to investigate further into what he felt and saw, this, in turn, led him to become an investigator and satisfy his curiosity.

New experiences whilst investigating with the team have kept Chasey energised and devoted to the paranormal investigation, always thinking of new ways to approach how they team investigates, Chasey is somewhat of an innovator.
Although he has experienced much, Chasey still remains sceptical about a lot of things, which leads to his interpretation of “evidence being a little different to others in the field, being particularly critical of his own findings (in which we have something in common)

Chasey's greatest fear is his own mortality, what truly waits for us at the end

I am lucky enough to have spoken online to Chasey and Doogie from TWC, and my wife and I proudly wear our TWC merch while we are out and about.


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