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The Haunts of Adelaide – History, Mystery & the Paranormal

The Haunts of Adelaide – History, Mystery & the Paranormal

Published by CUSTOM BOOK Publications It has always been Allen Tiller’s aim to provide a factual insight into haunted locations in Adelaide, and indeed, the rest of Australia. He lifts the veil on ghost stories and reveals the truth behind the myths and tales that so often become urban legend and local folklore. His mission is to research the historical facts of locations, people, places and buildings - from a distinctly paranormal perspective. The Haunts of Adelaide was born… 

With previously unpublished stories.

Exclusive Haunting:Australia references

Avid paranormal enthusiasts may note that this book misses some allegedly haunted locations in Adelaide, such as The Light Hotel and Old Adelaide Gaol, this was done with the intention of keeping the cost of book down and also allowing the main location in this book “The Adelaide Arcade” (which was investigated for the very first time by the team from Haunting:Australia in 2013) to shine a little bit brighter – there will be a follow up book to “Adelaide” in the future, but the next book in the series will feature Kapunda, with some exclusive never before published ghost stories about Australia’s Most Haunted Town passed on by the locals of Kapunda!
It is my intention to follow in the footsteps of some of my favourite Authors like John Pinkney & Grant Osborn and write multiple books, but the real inspiration behind this series of books goes to two people Russell Smith, who resides right here in Adelaide and wrote the wonderful series of books “Curiosities of South Australia”, and Ghost Hunter Mr Peter Underwood who has written a huge number of books including the incredibly popular “Ghosts of” series which covered popular, and lesser known hauntings across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Ivan T. Sanderson

Ivan T. Sanderson

F.L.S., F.R.G.S., F.Z.S., M.A.(cantab). Fellow of the Linnean Society of London, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Fellow of the Zoological Society of London

Ufologist, Cryptozoologist, Counter-espionage Agent for British Naval Intelligence, Ivan Sanderson was a very well educated man with a yearning to always learn, and discover more.

Sanderson attended Eton College, and also earned a BA (with Honours) from Cambridge University in Zoology, and later would also earn himself MA degrees in Botany and Ethnology. (Ethnology is the branch of anthropology that compares and analyses the characteristics of different peoples and the relationship between them )

Sanderson become known worldwide after an encounter with “Kongamato” (see link at bottom of page) a bat described “As The Granddaddy of all bats” which lives in Africa. The creature is described by many locals as looking like the dinosaur “Pterosaurs”.

Sanderson's evidence is held in high regard due to the nature of his training and education, but this encounter and many other encounters with the bat-like monster were (and probably still are ) very controversial at the time, with many people believing the creature to be a myth or hoax.

Here's Sanderson’s description of the event as quoted on Wikipedia:

Sanderson: "Then I let out a shout also and instantly bobbed down under the water, because, coming straight at me only a few feet above the water was a black thing the size of an eagle. I had only a glimpse of its face, yet that was quite sufficient, for its lower jaw hung open and bore a semicircle of pointed white teeth set about their own width apart from each other. When I emerged, it was gone. ... And just before it became too dark to see, it came again, hurtling back down the river, its teeth chattering, the air "shss-shssing" as it was cleft by the great, black, dracula-like wings."

Sanderson was well known for his epic expeditions into tropical areas in the 1920's and 1930's, writing about his travels and findings, animals and nature in general, earning him a great deal of

respect from the general public. A tragedy occurred though, in 1925 Sanderson was with his parents in Kenya where they had traveled to work with a film crew, Ivan's Father was killed by a Rhinoceros, the whole event being caught on camera.

Ivan Sanderson was well known in the 1960's and 1970's for his radio interviews in the USA, where he had eventually emigrated too, choosing New Jersey as his new home.

Ivan Sanderson Founded the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained (SITU) in 1967. SITU was a non-profit organisation that investigated strange phenomena ignored by mainstream science.

The Sanderson family were also large volume Whiskey manufacturers

He died of cancer at his New Jersey residence in 1973.


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