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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Arwin John Gonzalez

    "Journey To The World Of Paranormal"
    Arwin John Gonzalez

    Hailing from Ipoh, Malaysia, Arwin Gonzalez is the founder, and lead investigator of Malaysian Paranormal Research.

    Arwin became interested in the paranormal as a child after experiencing, and seeing, some strange occurrences. He also lists the “Ghostbusters” movie as being a major influence in his direction for seeking answers to what happens after we die.

    It is Arwins goal as a paranormal investigator to find the answers that many of us seek, is there an afterlife, and what is the soul?
    I asked Arwin;
     “How has becoming a paranormal investigator changed your life?"

    Arwin:“Being able to understand death is not the end, but rather a beginning of the next level of life. My view and perspective on spirits have changed, unlike many (that) say spirits are evil and demonic, but I find spirits are just humans without body and do retain emotions and feelings.”

    Arwin finds it deeply satisfying researching the history of locations he is going to investigate and then being able to validate his research findings through various different methods during his investigations.
    He also finds he tends to dream a lot about upcoming investigations, only to find his dream coming true, and a sense of deja vu coming over him whilst investigating.

    Arwin has spent much time in the media spotlight, featuring in magazine and newspaper articles, doumentaries and even as a guest on Ghost hunters International,
     (watch the episode here:   )

    Arwin with the cast from Ghost Hunters Internatio

    Arwin lists Cemeteries, Pudu Prison and Kellies Castle, the subject of the Ghost Hunters International episode he was in, as his favourite locations to investigate and three of the four places he was most impressed with. The fourth being a private school he investigated.

    Arwin has seen many paranormal phenomena in his time investigating including the formation of ecto-plasm right in front of his face. The ecto-plasm shaped itself into a face like structure and approached Arwin, as it started to enter his body it dissolved. Arwin stated that the ectoplasm felt cold to the touch.
    Amongst the vast amount of evidence Arwin has archived in his collection, his proudest achievement is a photograph of a dark apparition caught during a gaol investigation.
    Arwin states that his favourite piece of equipment to use is his much trusted Sony handy cam, “Because, without documented proof, nothing is substantial”. He also adds that being able to see in the infrared spectrum is very valuable to his investigation techniques.

    John also has a book availble about his many investigations, his estbalished techniques and various paranormal phenomena, it is very resaonably priced and is availble at:

    You can visit Arwins Website on the following link

    Interviewed, researched and written by:
    Allen Tiller
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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Guy Lyon Playfair

"Poltergeist Investigator"
Guy Lyon Playfair

Born in India and raised in England, by a Mother who was a member of The Society For Psychical Research, it wasn't hard for Guy Lyon Playfair to accept that there are things out there that cannot be explained.
In 1973, Guy joined The Society For Psychical research himself, and in 2004 was elected to the organisations council. Guy emigrated to Brazil and spent fourteen years as a freelance journalist there, whilst there he also become a member of Brazils IBPP research group.
The author of many books about psychic powers, the unspoken communication of twins, Uri Gellar and many other topics, Guy is probably best known for his book on the Enfield Poltergeist Investigation in 1977 – 1978.

A family of five, consisting of a Mother, two daughters and two sons were facing daily occurrences of phenomena in their house. Representatives of The Society Of Psychical Research, Maurice Grosse, and Guy Lyon Playford began investigating the house, and the claims of fraud associated it with it.
It was found by the investigators that at least 26 inexplicable occurrences happened that cannot be explained by current science. Included in these phenomena were; moving furniture, pools of water on the floor, flying marbles, physical assaults and fires which spontaneously ignited and extinguished themselves.
Amongst other phenomena, was one of the young girls using her false vocal chords to speak, for hours on end. Whilst apparently possessed by an entity named “Bill”. A man came forward who claimed to be Bill's son, recordings were made by the BBC, but when the film crew went to check their recording equipment they found the metal inside of their recorders bent, and their recordings erased.
Also during this investigation Guy caught one of the young girls faking phenomena, to see if she could “catch out” the investigators, but not one try of trickery fooled either investigator.
There is plenty of controversy still about this particular case, for more information on the Enfield Poltergeist case, you can purchase Guy Lyon Playfairs book “This House Is Haunted”.

Much of guys work has centred around psychics and psychic powers. For over 30 years he has studied the concepts associated with telepathic communication and, written many comprehensive papers and books about the subject. One of Guys books, “Twin Telepathy” is written about the link twins have, where one can, in an entirely different hemisphere of the planet, feel the other's pain. The book delves into research conducted on shared emotions and thoughts, and even shared physical bruising!

Here is a short quote from Guy, after being questioned by Steve Volk on the Skeptico website

Steve Volk: “What’s your best guess, at this stage, after all these years, on what poltergeists, or ghosts, are.?”
Guy Playfair:The short answer is that there are two possibilities. Either they are some kind of discarnate entity – which I certainly don’t rule out – or else they are an entirely unknown force that emanates from the human mind. How it works we simply don’t know. We can only observe its effects. I think there’s quite strong evidence that it’s some kind of so-called spirit or discarnate entity, kind of drifting blobs of exo-intelligence, if you like. But that is an extremely controversial opinion and not many people share it.”

A few of Guys Books:

  • The Indefinite Boundary.
  • The Cycles of Heaven: Cosmic Forces and What They Are Doing to You.
  • This House is Haunted: The Investigation of the Enfield Poltergeist
  • The Haunted Pub Guide
  • If This be Magic
  • The Geller Effect
  • Twin Telepathy.
  • New Clothes for Old Souls: World Wide Evidence for Reincarnation.
  • Chico Xavier, Medium of the Century.

A documentary on “The Enfeild Poltergiest”

Researched & Written by:
Allen Tiller

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Barry Porter

"Go The Eels!"

Barry Porter

Born in Parramatta in Sydney's Western suburbs, Barry “Bazza” Porter had two paranormal occurrences in his childhood that shaped his fascination with cryptids and ghosts. When six years old Barry witnessed a spirit form in his bedroom, then four years later at the age of ten, witnessed a “Doolagahl”, a Yowie, near his house.

Educated in NSW, Barry is a mad Parramatta Eels NRL (rugby) Supporter, and a Christian Pastor, Barry is a part of the Christian Cryptozoology And Paranormal Study Group, a group that features members from around the globe interested in Cryptid and Paranormal events from a Christian view point, which also features such noted members as "The Paranormal Pastor" - Robin Swope.

Working as a minister for the Church, Barry has experienced a great deal of paranormal phenomena, from objects moving of their own accord whilst delivering ministry, to people being choked with invisible hands which Barry describes here:
“I've seen a couple of people choking from invisible hands where you can see the finger marks on their throats as you do the exorcism.”

Through being a minister Barry has come cross many people needing help after having negative paranormal experiences. This led to Barry researching and investigating a number of cases in Australia, including cases at Bowen Mountain, and at a Chinese restaurant in Caringbah. Barry has seen many things in his time in the Church and as an investigator, including, Shadow People, Angelic and Demonic beings, and has been choked by unseen forces, through all of this Barry has not lost his faith, nor his positivity.

When we asked what his best piece of evidence was? Barry replied “I kinda got slimed, eye was slimy and half my body went numb when an apparition passed through me, but apart from moving cans and things being thrown around, nothing tangible that can be analysed like a photo or anything.”

Barry also has a great sense of humour, as this reply to an interview question we asked him will attest.
What is your favourite piece of equipment, and why? “ Those meter thingies..that go "whooosh" when you crack whips and there are convict spirits present....I'm not very technical.”

Barry and the team at Christian Cryptozoology And Paranormal Study Group do great work in Australia, you can keep up to date with the team via their blog at:

Or if you would like to learn more about Barry, you can follow this link to a 2010 interview on 

Eidolon Paranormal have been working with Barry, Bryony and team now for a couple of years, and have become good friends. CCAPSG is one of the most honest and thought provoking teams in the community today, even if you do not identify as a Christian, this team still has something for you, check them out today!

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Allen Tiller

Monday, 6 August 2012

A Message From Water

A Message From Water

Dr Masaru Emoto, Japanese Scientist, Author and Entrepreneur, have you heard of him before? You may have if you watched the documentary “What The Bleep Do We Know?”. Dr Emoto claims that our consciousness can alter the molecular structure of water.

Dr Emoto has published a number of volumes on his theories and included many photographs to back up his claims, but many “professional” scientists claim Dr Emoto's work is pseudo-science, that his claims violate the laws of basic physics and that his methodologies, research and experiments are flawed and cannot be used a valid proof of his claims.

What is it that Dr Emoto claims that has caused so much controversy in the scientific community?
Dr Emoto has claimed, through his experiments, that water molecules have the ability to change through the influence of our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious.
Dr Emoto claims that if human thoughts are directed to water before it is frozen, the image of the frozen water crystal will either be ugly or beautiful dependant upon the thought form channelled at the water, negative or positive.
The Doctor claims that you can achieve the molecule change through simple acts such as prayer, music or attaching written words to the container the water is to be frozen in.
He further states that since the body is 76% water, that wearing negative symbols on our clothing can also influence the water in our bodies, thus influencing our minds.
This in turn makes it important, in Dr Emoto's mind that, the type of jewellery you wear does influence the water in your body in a negative way.

There are other scientists who have made similar claims to Dr. Emoto, Pjotr Garjajev has made claims about human DNA being influenced by expressed words and sentences. His theory states that basic DNA-alkaline pairs and language are of the same structure, that Human language can influence DNA.

Both men’s theory would lend credence to the faith based beliefs of affirmations, prophecies and hypnosis, and why these particular beleifs have a strong effects on the human body and mind.

Dr Emoto and his theories are not without criticism, James Randi, world renowned sceptic, offered Dr Emoto one million Dollars in 2003, if his claims can be proven true in a double blind study ( A double blind study is an experiment where neither the subjects not the experiment administrators know the critical aspects of the experiment, therefore guarding against bias or placebo effects).

A triple blind study was eventually produced, however, even with elaborate protocols and testing, the results were inconclusive as to whether or not Dr Emoto's claims are valid.

Whether or not his claims are valid, Dr Emoto has a vast range of supporters that loyal to buying his “Indigo” water from him, at $35 for 30ml – that’s a lot of money!!

With that in mind, do you think Dr Emoto's claims are valid?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below

written by
 Allen Tiller

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Aaron Goodwin

“Big Steppin”

Aaron Goodwin

Born in Portland,Oregan U.S.A. On April 1st 1976, Aaron Goodwin started his career making videos with friends. Soon he started making videos and advertisements for local business to try and create a portfolio for himself. Before long Aaron was a camera man for the UFC and filming behind-the-scene premieres in Las Vegas.

Zak Bagans and Nick Groff needed a camera man for a project they were working on. Nick knew Aaron, and introduced him to Zak, the trio then worked on filming the first documentary of Ghost Adventures at the Goldfields Hotel in Nevada, and other locations.
At the time of filming Aaron did not believe in ghosts and has been quoted as saying; “I never really thought twice about ghosts”, since that statement he has become an investigator and his tune has changed, recently stating in an interview “(I'm) A hundred percent – no, a thousand percent – believer”.

Aaron is often used as a trigger object during Ghost Adventures episodes, often left in rooms by himself in the dark, with only a night vision camera and his senses, which often leads to some of the most dramatic and entertaining scenes in the series.

Within the Ghost Adventures series Aaron and other team members are often seen using modern ghost hunting equipment, such as the Mel Meter, The Ovilus and Full Spectrum and U.V. Camera's.
One of the techniques employed by Ghost Adventures is re-enactment of events that have happened in the various locations the team visits, we have seen the team dressed in Confederate clothing amongst other costumes utilised as trigger objects.

Aaron has also sited his paranormal investigations as a partial cause for the break-up of his marriage, and Zak and Aaron have also stated that certain spirits and demons cause havoc with any potential partners they engage with. (Zak delves into this topic further in his recent book)

Aaron has reported being “partially possessed” on two separate occasions after investigations at The Winchester Mystery House, and at Bobby Mackay's Music World.
During the investigation at Preston Castle Aaron was scratched by unseen forces, the crew on-site thought the scratches resembled the ones Zak Bagans suffered at the first Bobby Mackey investigation.

In the season 6 episode titled “The Winchester Mystery House”, the team conduct an experiment where they link the Mansion, Bobby Mackey's and the Washoe Club together by video link. It is during this episode that an already fatigued Aaron becomes visibly agitated and physically ill.
During the episode multiple EVP's are captured in two different locations at the same time, in both Aaron is mentioned by name by the voices recorded

Away from investigating, Aaron Goodwin started his own brand, “Big Steppin”. He had since his school days, “big stepped”, often in school hallways, really slowly past windows and doorways. After school finished Aaron started “Big Steppin” in public.
Recently Aaron started his website “Aaron Goodwin Collections”, selling his “Big Steppin” branded merchandise, old videos he has made, artwork and photography.
You can check it out here: 

We at Eidolon Paranormal have spoken to Aaron, and we must say he is one of the most approachable, likeable and nicest guys we have had the pleasure of meeting through the paranormal community.
Aaron continues to work on Ghost Adventures, with new episodes being released as this is written, you can find Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel or on DVD.

Researched and Written By
Allen Tiller