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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Aaron Goodwin

“Big Steppin”

Aaron Goodwin

Born in Portland,Oregan U.S.A. On April 1st 1976, Aaron Goodwin started his career making videos with friends. Soon he started making videos and advertisements for local business to try and create a portfolio for himself. Before long Aaron was a camera man for the UFC and filming behind-the-scene premieres in Las Vegas.

Zak Bagans and Nick Groff needed a camera man for a project they were working on. Nick knew Aaron, and introduced him to Zak, the trio then worked on filming the first documentary of Ghost Adventures at the Goldfields Hotel in Nevada, and other locations.
At the time of filming Aaron did not believe in ghosts and has been quoted as saying; “I never really thought twice about ghosts”, since that statement he has become an investigator and his tune has changed, recently stating in an interview “(I'm) A hundred percent – no, a thousand percent – believer”.

Aaron is often used as a trigger object during Ghost Adventures episodes, often left in rooms by himself in the dark, with only a night vision camera and his senses, which often leads to some of the most dramatic and entertaining scenes in the series.

Within the Ghost Adventures series Aaron and other team members are often seen using modern ghost hunting equipment, such as the Mel Meter, The Ovilus and Full Spectrum and U.V. Camera's.
One of the techniques employed by Ghost Adventures is re-enactment of events that have happened in the various locations the team visits, we have seen the team dressed in Confederate clothing amongst other costumes utilised as trigger objects.

Aaron has also sited his paranormal investigations as a partial cause for the break-up of his marriage, and Zak and Aaron have also stated that certain spirits and demons cause havoc with any potential partners they engage with. (Zak delves into this topic further in his recent book)

Aaron has reported being “partially possessed” on two separate occasions after investigations at The Winchester Mystery House, and at Bobby Mackay's Music World.
During the investigation at Preston Castle Aaron was scratched by unseen forces, the crew on-site thought the scratches resembled the ones Zak Bagans suffered at the first Bobby Mackey investigation.

In the season 6 episode titled “The Winchester Mystery House”, the team conduct an experiment where they link the Mansion, Bobby Mackey's and the Washoe Club together by video link. It is during this episode that an already fatigued Aaron becomes visibly agitated and physically ill.
During the episode multiple EVP's are captured in two different locations at the same time, in both Aaron is mentioned by name by the voices recorded

Away from investigating, Aaron Goodwin started his own brand, “Big Steppin”. He had since his school days, “big stepped”, often in school hallways, really slowly past windows and doorways. After school finished Aaron started “Big Steppin” in public.
Recently Aaron started his website “Aaron Goodwin Collections”, selling his “Big Steppin” branded merchandise, old videos he has made, artwork and photography.
You can check it out here: 

We at Eidolon Paranormal have spoken to Aaron, and we must say he is one of the most approachable, likeable and nicest guys we have had the pleasure of meeting through the paranormal community.
Aaron continues to work on Ghost Adventures, with new episodes being released as this is written, you can find Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel or on DVD.

Researched and Written By
Allen Tiller

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