Monday, 6 August 2012

A Message From Water

A Message From Water

Dr Masaru Emoto, Japanese Scientist, Author and Entrepreneur, have you heard of him before? You may have if you watched the documentary “What The Bleep Do We Know?”. Dr Emoto claims that our consciousness can alter the molecular structure of water.

Dr Emoto has published a number of volumes on his theories and included many photographs to back up his claims, but many “professional” scientists claim Dr Emoto's work is pseudo-science, that his claims violate the laws of basic physics and that his methodologies, research and experiments are flawed and cannot be used a valid proof of his claims.

What is it that Dr Emoto claims that has caused so much controversy in the scientific community?
Dr Emoto has claimed, through his experiments, that water molecules have the ability to change through the influence of our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious.
Dr Emoto claims that if human thoughts are directed to water before it is frozen, the image of the frozen water crystal will either be ugly or beautiful dependant upon the thought form channelled at the water, negative or positive.
The Doctor claims that you can achieve the molecule change through simple acts such as prayer, music or attaching written words to the container the water is to be frozen in.
He further states that since the body is 76% water, that wearing negative symbols on our clothing can also influence the water in our bodies, thus influencing our minds.
This in turn makes it important, in Dr Emoto's mind that, the type of jewellery you wear does influence the water in your body in a negative way.

There are other scientists who have made similar claims to Dr. Emoto, Pjotr Garjajev has made claims about human DNA being influenced by expressed words and sentences. His theory states that basic DNA-alkaline pairs and language are of the same structure, that Human language can influence DNA.

Both men’s theory would lend credence to the faith based beliefs of affirmations, prophecies and hypnosis, and why these particular beleifs have a strong effects on the human body and mind.

Dr Emoto and his theories are not without criticism, James Randi, world renowned sceptic, offered Dr Emoto one million Dollars in 2003, if his claims can be proven true in a double blind study ( A double blind study is an experiment where neither the subjects not the experiment administrators know the critical aspects of the experiment, therefore guarding against bias or placebo effects).

A triple blind study was eventually produced, however, even with elaborate protocols and testing, the results were inconclusive as to whether or not Dr Emoto's claims are valid.

Whether or not his claims are valid, Dr Emoto has a vast range of supporters that loyal to buying his “Indigo” water from him, at $35 for 30ml – that’s a lot of money!!

With that in mind, do you think Dr Emoto's claims are valid?

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written by
 Allen Tiller


  1. That god placed emphasis on free will indicates it's importance in human affairs. I can't say if this 'water thought' is true, but I am open to it's potential as an acceptance of things unknown in the universe. Many things are possible that our minds and intellect cannot yet see. As Galileo said " I do not feel obliged to believe the the same God who endowed us with Sense, Reason, and Intellect had also intended us to forego their use. frj

  2. If he is true, he should not sell that expansive water. No body need to buy that. We buy distilled water and put it into containers. We stick label with words such as "Thank You". We let the water listen to good music. We pray and we say thank you to the water. Do it several times a day for a week or two before we drink the water. In this way, we don't need any hospital. We organize thousands people team to Lake Ontario there and we praise the water. We can swim there then. I wish he is true then our life is much simple.

  3. So, I guess this water only speaks English .