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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Guy Lyon Playfair

"Poltergeist Investigator"
Guy Lyon Playfair

Born in India and raised in England, by a Mother who was a member of The Society For Psychical Research, it wasn't hard for Guy Lyon Playfair to accept that there are things out there that cannot be explained.
In 1973, Guy joined The Society For Psychical research himself, and in 2004 was elected to the organisations council. Guy emigrated to Brazil and spent fourteen years as a freelance journalist there, whilst there he also become a member of Brazils IBPP research group.
The author of many books about psychic powers, the unspoken communication of twins, Uri Gellar and many other topics, Guy is probably best known for his book on the Enfield Poltergeist Investigation in 1977 – 1978.

A family of five, consisting of a Mother, two daughters and two sons were facing daily occurrences of phenomena in their house. Representatives of The Society Of Psychical Research, Maurice Grosse, and Guy Lyon Playford began investigating the house, and the claims of fraud associated it with it.
It was found by the investigators that at least 26 inexplicable occurrences happened that cannot be explained by current science. Included in these phenomena were; moving furniture, pools of water on the floor, flying marbles, physical assaults and fires which spontaneously ignited and extinguished themselves.
Amongst other phenomena, was one of the young girls using her false vocal chords to speak, for hours on end. Whilst apparently possessed by an entity named “Bill”. A man came forward who claimed to be Bill's son, recordings were made by the BBC, but when the film crew went to check their recording equipment they found the metal inside of their recorders bent, and their recordings erased.
Also during this investigation Guy caught one of the young girls faking phenomena, to see if she could “catch out” the investigators, but not one try of trickery fooled either investigator.
There is plenty of controversy still about this particular case, for more information on the Enfield Poltergeist case, you can purchase Guy Lyon Playfairs book “This House Is Haunted”.

Much of guys work has centred around psychics and psychic powers. For over 30 years he has studied the concepts associated with telepathic communication and, written many comprehensive papers and books about the subject. One of Guys books, “Twin Telepathy” is written about the link twins have, where one can, in an entirely different hemisphere of the planet, feel the other's pain. The book delves into research conducted on shared emotions and thoughts, and even shared physical bruising!

Here is a short quote from Guy, after being questioned by Steve Volk on the Skeptico website

Steve Volk: “What’s your best guess, at this stage, after all these years, on what poltergeists, or ghosts, are.?”
Guy Playfair:The short answer is that there are two possibilities. Either they are some kind of discarnate entity – which I certainly don’t rule out – or else they are an entirely unknown force that emanates from the human mind. How it works we simply don’t know. We can only observe its effects. I think there’s quite strong evidence that it’s some kind of so-called spirit or discarnate entity, kind of drifting blobs of exo-intelligence, if you like. But that is an extremely controversial opinion and not many people share it.”

A few of Guys Books:

  • The Indefinite Boundary.
  • The Cycles of Heaven: Cosmic Forces and What They Are Doing to You.
  • This House is Haunted: The Investigation of the Enfield Poltergeist
  • The Haunted Pub Guide
  • If This be Magic
  • The Geller Effect
  • Twin Telepathy.
  • New Clothes for Old Souls: World Wide Evidence for Reincarnation.
  • Chico Xavier, Medium of the Century.

A documentary on “The Enfeild Poltergiest”

Researched & Written by:
Allen Tiller

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