Monday, 29 August 2011

What a Weekend!

Wow! We were busy this weekend!
A trip to Gawler in the afternoon, then home to Kapunda, then into Adelaide for a Ghost tour of The Old Adelaide Gaol with another local Paranormal Investigation team - The Adelaide Spirit Chasers. Our Tour was conducted by ex-co-founder of Paranormal Field Investigators, Mr Jeff Fausch, who is informative and entertaining, This is the 2nd time Allen has been through the Gaol with Jeff, but the first time for Karen. Both of us really enjoyed it, and we both Recommend asking for Jeff as your tour guide if possible.
On our way back to the country from the city we made a quick detour to Cheltenham cemetery to see how the Fireman statue was looking, The cemetery is currently being upgraded by the local council and appears to be in excellent condition!
 Sunday we were even busier, attending the Patrons club event at The Clare Castle Hotel Kapunda! Allen and Karen filmed Arvi Peterson's blues and ballads performance for a project multiple projects they are working on, the footage came out really well and is being edited tonight (I am taking a break to write this!)
 Eidolon Paranormal then co-hosted the new look S.A. Paranormal Meet-up in the beer garden of The Clare Castle Hotel, we had a strong attendance of local teams, with our new co-hosts, Adelaide Spirit Chasers, as well as Shadow Rider Paranormal Investigations and Mid North Paranormal, as well as some new guests and returning guests from our old meet-ups - we had a great discussion about all things paranormal and some spiritual topics, including aspects of crystals and protection. We also filmed a short piece for Naked Zombie Paranormal Radio which Allen quickly put together last night and posted on Brad Scotts Facebook wall - you can find the video on our Youtube channel on the links above...

 All in All we had a fantastic busy weekend and really enjoyed ourselves sharing ideas and information with other teams....

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre

I thought I might go back a few months and post some info about one of our recent cases.
 In July this year we teamed up with Peterborough group, Mid North Paranormal to work on an investigation at a local heritage rail museum, Steamtown.

 Karen and I arrives late in the day and joined Mid Norths Team leader "Tizzy" for an inspection of the site. We needed to see what possible dangers and obstacles there might be, and to get a layout of where to investigate.
 What a magnificent place it ended up being, Steam trains, diesel loco's, carriages, it was a trainspotters dream place!
 We set about working out where we would set up, we then returned to Tizzy's house for a quick breifing, before coming back to the site. Steamtown do a light and sound show, which includes a feature film about the history of the town, the trains and townsfolk, we were invited to watch, and did so, taking notes for our EVP sessions and for when we return for future investigations....
 During the movie, it started raining, which sooned turned into pouring! we feared we might lose our investigation, and having driven two hours, it would be a costly loss! However, out guides Len and Tanya, two of Steamtowns volunteers allowed to to investigate inside the train carriages, something we didnt expect - and our investigation was saved!
  We had a number of other problems with equipment though, our night vision failed, which left us in the dark with video, but we persevered, and think we got some good footage.
 We had a number of "incidents" during our investigation with a shadow figure seen, unexplained footsteps, orbs/ lights and whistling....but nothing solid enough for us to present to the client unfortunately, we will however be returning to try again

Steamtown video - this is a little video of our adventure

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I got a sweet tooth!

G'day Readers! :)
                        What a busy week it has been! Eidolon Paranormal investigated the Kapunda Kandy Mine Saturday just gone, a little lolly shop situated in the main street of Kapunda. The current owners have had numerous events that remain unexplainable. Whilst Karen was visiting the store to buy some New Zealand mint leaves, Tracey, the shop owner struck up a conversation with her, and from it, an investigation was born! (well done Karen I must say! ;) )
  The shop has an interesting history, its beginnings were a butcher shop started by Nathaniel Hawke and Joseph Tuckfeild, soon to change ownership to Mr A.G. Nation, who in his time added a second storey. Mr Nation sold to Mr H Cunningham, who was also a butcher, later the house was lived in by Mr. Schrapel, who was in local government, Mr Davidson, the district Clerk, and later Mr Master, who turned the butchers shop in a bakery!
In more recent times it has been A.J. Salmon computers, Leading Edge Computers, an Antique store and now a lolly shop!
 More on this investigation on our website soon!

We also visited one of our favourite locations, Dead Man's Billabong, a secret little place not many know off. It was here we were treated to an evening show by Mother Nature as bats flew in the twilight sky dining on insects - it's moments like these that you saviour for a lifetime, being spoiled with an abundance of the wonders God has made upon this Earth....

Stay tuned to our youtube channel, Eidolon Productions, our video/music/book publishing arm will be releasing some content soon as a thank you for our location providers, and becuase we feel, personally, that anything we can do for our community is a positive thing!

  -Allen Tiller - CEO/Founder: Eidolon Paranormal

Thursday, 11 August 2011

This is new

Hi there,
 So i thought i would start a blog, one separate from the website itself...just somewhere for me to muse over paranormal topics - not sure how often I will update it though, so bare with me!