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History's Mysteries: Antikythera Mechanism

Antikythera Mechanism

Discovered in a Greek shipwreck in 1901 and recovered by diver, Elias Stadiatos, comes the Antikythera Mechanism, a mysterious little device that confused researchers and historians for over 100 years about what it was used for.
The mechanism is the oldest known scientific device to date, speculated to have been built in Greece in around 100 BC, and lost for over 2000 years.
The mechanisms use was only recently discovered, it is an astronomical clock that determines where the stars and other celestial bodies are positioned with the most extraordinary accuracy.

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History's Mysteries: The Bloop

The Bloop

In 1997 a mysterious noise was recorded under the pacific ocean, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration were recording whale sounds when they picked up a very strong, very low frequency sound, they nicknamed “The Bloop”. It was said to be a similar sound, when sped up by 16 times, to that of someone throwing a rock in still pond of water “bloop”.
The sound was recorded several times, until it mysteriously stopped.

There is no known animal in the oceans of the world that is big enough to make a sound so deep and of the frequency recorded.
Bombs, submarines, man made disturbances, volcanoes and earthquakes were ruled out as being the source of the sound.
This left a lot of room for speculation by scientist, paranormal enthusiasts and cryptozoologists, with Cthulhu, The Cloverfield Monster and Poseidon all being put forward as explanations, another put forward is that this “bloop” could be some large sea monster we have not yet discovered.

In 2012 a different theory was presented, that the sound was that of an “ice-quake”, an event that happens in Antarctica often, where glacial ridges melt and slide into the ocean, creating a long slow underwater booming sound. Some people believe this is not the actual answer, and that the “bloop” is indeed something else, something alive....
to hear the sound, visit here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBN56wL35IQ
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History's Mysteries: The Baghdad Battery

The Baghdad Battery

Found just outside Baghdad, Iraq in Khujut Rabu in 1938, were a group of fist sized earthenware jars, thought to be around 2000 years old.
The Jars, consisting of an earthenware shell, a stopper composed of asphalt, an iron rod, that runs from its lid through to its base, and a cylinder of copper which surrounds the iron rod, were these the worlds first batteries?

The discovery was made by German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig in 1938, who in 1940 published a paper on the subject.

Our history books tell us that Count Alassandro Volt first made the discovery of current being produced when he placed a probe of two dissimilar metals against a frog, a very weak current was generated, he then set about placing his probes in different chemical solutions instead of the living tissue, and replicated his electricity generation, and thus the “voltic pile” or electric battery was born in 1800!
So did Volt invent the battery or did he rework something the ancient Iraqis had already invented?

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

History's Mysteries: The Baigong Pipes

The Baigong Pipes

Mt Baigong in Qinghai Province, China was the home to an unusual discovery in 2002 when U.S. Scientists, on the trail of dinosaur fossils, investigated three caves at the bottom of the mountain and stumbled across a set of mysterious pipes.
The pipes, known to locals for thousands of years are about 40cm in diameter, and span the length of the caves, out into a nearby lake, and incredibly up to the top of the mountain.
Locals say the pipes are extraterrestrial in origin, and were part of an ancient alien base, other explanations include fossilised tree roots, whatever the case it is an interesting and mysterious find.

Read more about the pipes below.


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What is Braucherei?
Bruacherei was brought to the United States by early Germanic immigrants who fled religious persecution in their homelands, these Immigrants would later be referred to as the Pennsylvania Dutch.
This magical system is based around aspects of Christian Theology, European Folklore, superstition, ceremonial magic, witchcraft rites and shamanism, also added in some areas is Native American Indian practices. The magical system can be traced back as far as the 2nd Century.
Much of the magical system is based on three sets of writings, “Egyptian Secrets” by Albert Magnus, “Long Lost Friend” by John George Hohman and also the"Romanusbuchlein". The religion relies very heavily on the power of God and Christ, and incorporates the mystic and magical teachings and philosophies of early Christian mystics
The heart of the religion remains in Pennsylvania, and as one travels further out of the state the religion blends more into Shamanistic and Neopagan practices and loses some of its Christianity aspects.
Modern day Braucherei practitioners include Chris Bilardi, Jack Montgomery and Rob Chapman. These gentlemen are bringing the old ways back into the limelight through books and websites.
Like all religions it has a good and bad side, the light workers are known as practitioners of “Pow-Wow” the “night-workers” are known as the “Hexerei” or “Hexers”
This is the darker side of Braucherei, this is what the Pennsylvania Dutch consider, in their terms, “witchcraft”. It is the practice of hexing, using malevolent magic to cause hurt and harm. It is a self-serving form of the Braucherei, utilising demons and spirits to serve for ones own gain.


Pow-wow is the Braucherei practitioners of good and light, it teaches healing and protections against evil by utilising charms to protect against the evils of hexes and witchcraft.

Pennsylvania Dutch Hexes

The Pennsylvania Dutch are a colorful folk when it comes to decoration, many barns are adorned with colourful symbols that also appear on birth certificates and in other places
these colorful symbols are known as Hex Signs, a term coined by author Wallace Nutting in his book “ Pennsylvania Beautiful” in 1924.
Hex Signs utilize motifs, usefully featuring hearts, wheat, birds, tulips and colours, some also use a very distinctive bird known as a “Distelfinks”, also common is the usage of Stars, the moon and sun.
At some point ion the late 1800's people in the area started painting the hex signs on their barns as a way to ward of witchcraft, bad luck and other evil doings, They became even more popular after the 1928 “Witch Craft Trials” dubbed by one local newspaper as “The weirdest and most curiously fascinating in the history of jurisprudence."

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Curses: The Curse of Gloomy Sunday

The Curse of Gloomy Sunday


Reszo Seress, A Hungarian born songwriter living in France, trying to make a living was determined to become an internationally famous songwriter, but failing dismally. Every song he composed and put forward to recording companies got rejected, but he never gave up.

His girlfriend would constantly fight with him, urging him to find a real job and throw away this dream that wasn’t happening for him.
One day, she was more cruel than usual and Seress and his Fiancee had a fight over his song-writing dream that saw them breakup.

The day after, a Sunday, Seress was in his apartment, sitting at his piano, outside was dark and gloomy, and so was his mood. As the rain began to fall he muttered to himself, “what a gloomy Sunday”, his hands fell on the piano, and from them came a strange melancholy melody that encapsulated his morose mood, his feelings about losing his girl and the gloomy Sunday weather.
Within Thirty minutes Seress had composed the song “Gloomy Sunday”.

His first attempt at selling the song failed, rejected by the publisher, but on his second attempt, it was sold, Seress was about to become a published writer with a promise that his song would be available worldwide.

Within months of the song being printed, strange happenings began that were said to be linked with the song. In Berlin, a young man requested the song be played by a band in hotel, the young man went home, complaining to his family he could not get the sad melody out of his head. He took a revolver and shot himself in the head.

In the same city, a week later, a young woman was found hung in her apartment, near her body the police found a copy of the sheet music for “Gloomy Sunday”.

In New York City, two days later a young secretary gassed herself, in her suicide note she asked for “Gloomy Sunday” to be played at her funeral. Within weeks an 82 year old man jumped to his death from a seventh floor window after playing the song on his piano.
The same week a young man jumped of a bridge in Rome to his death after hearing the song.

It didn’t take long for a journalist to put the stories together and start reporting in the media of the alleged links between the song and suicides. Streams of bizarre stories associated with the song were reported in Europe, the BBC banned the song from being played on their radio network.

Seress, now happy he was published tried to contact his ex-fiancee, only to learn from the police that she had committed suicide by poison, next to her they found a copy of the sheet music for “Gloomy Sunday”.

Billie Holiday, the soulful jazz singer recorded a version of the song in 1941, although she didn’t commit suicide there is much speculation that after her recording of “Gloomy Sunday” her carer decline was directly related to her recording of the song, it wasn’t too long after that she died from a drug overdose.

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Curses: The Curse of “The Conqueror”

The Curse of “The Conqueror”

John Wayne isn’t a name usually associated with movie curses, but the 1956 movie “ The Conqueror”, in which he starred, ties him into one that has one of the largest numbers of deaths associated with it for a film curse, outdoing the Omen and Poltergeist movie curse death tolls

The movie is a love story between Genghis Khan,( played by John Wayne), and Bortai (played by Susan Hayward) involving kidnapping and wars. The movie was a massive flop in 1956, and is regarded as one of the worst movies of the era, if not all time, which, John Wayne being miscast as Genghis Khan is often the reason cited for its poor performance.
Wayne was at the height of his career and possibly a little arrogantly, played the part not unlike some of his Cowboy parts in Westerns, but, he was hand picked by Eccentric Millionaire producer Howard Hughes, and no-one is going to say the man paying the bills is wrong to choose a huge star of the era to play a part in his movie.

The movie was shot in St George Utah, downwind from where the American government was testing nuclear bombs some 137 miles away. The Government of the time assured all local residents that the tests would not cause them any harm.
The cast and crew spent ,many weeks filming on lotion, and later, when shots were needed to be filmed on the sound stage, Howard Hughes shipped 60 ton of dirt back to Hollywood so the stage shots would match the outside shoots in look and feel, of course, the dirt was contaminated too.

So for 13 weeks on set in Utah the cast was exposed to nuclear fallout, and then for many more weeks in Hollywood contaminated dirt and dust was breathed in.
Over the next few years 91 of the 220 stars and crew developed cancer, of which 46 would later die, including the movie stars John Wayne and Susan Hayward. One of the films other stars, Pedro Armendariz committed suicide upon hearing he had cancer of the Kidneys (just four years after filming) and it was terminal.
The cast and crew were not totally oblivious to the danger of the nuclear fallout, there is a photo of John Wayne on set with a Geiger counter, clearly demonstrating they new there was a risk, the people of the town of St. George, close to the movie set, also developed cancers due to the American military tests.

The effects of the “curse” also included a flash flood that ripped through the set almost washing away the entire cast and crew.
A black panther that decided it was hungry and tried to take a rather large bite out of actress Susan Hayward

Howard Hughes, who had financed the film production, eventually started feeling guilty about the cast being exposed to nuclear fallout, and bought every print of the film for an estimated $12 million dollars. He kept the film from being showing anywhere until it was seen on TV, for the first time in 1974.
It is rumoured during his final years, Hughes, who become known as the eccentric germaphobe billionaire, played the movie every night in his own home, racked with guilt for the deaths of so many associated with the movie he produced
In his last days, Howard Hughes, with his beard and fingernails grown disturbingly long, living a now reclusive lifestyle, reportedly watched The Conqueror over and over again, racked with guilt, as he waited for the sweet embrace of death.

For more information please visit the following links:

Howard Hughes - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Hughes

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Curses: The Curse of the Lydian Hoard

The Curse of the Lydian Hoard

Relics from the era of King Croesus, ruler of the Lydian Kingdom between 560 and 547 BC, the Lydian Hoard is a collection of ancient jewellery and relics.

The treasure was found in 1965 in a small village in Turkey, when five villagers discovered the tomb of of an unknown princess from the Lydian period.

The villagers plundered the tomb and stole anything they thought was of value, by 1966, looters and thieves had taken over 100 items from the tomb including gold jewellery, silver and wall paintings.
The villager’s thought all their problems would be fixed due to their new found wealth, but it was exactly the opposite, misfortune and death reigned down on the villagers and their families and anyone who traded the jewels and relics with them.

From the stories of unfortunate events put upon the villagers, the curse sprang up and has been in circulation ever since.

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Curses: The Curse of the Maori Masks

The Curse of the Maori Masks

Maori, the Polynesian people indigenous to New Zealand are a tribal warrior race, their warriors were extremely dangerous, and their tribal beliefs deeply ingrained in all members of the tribe.
Before war, the warriors would carve masks and statues. If a warrior died in battle, his spirit would return to the carved mask or statue.
It is said because of this, women that are pregnant or menstruating can come to harm by touching or being near the carved statues and masks.
In 2010 the Te Papa Museum located in New Zealand’s capital Wellington, confirmed that it had expressed this warning to its museum guides and employees.

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Curses: The Curse of Uluru

The Curse of Uluru

Uluru, (once known as Ayers Rock), is situated in the outback of the Northern Territory. The site is sacred to the local Aboriginal Mobs of Pitjuatjatjara and Yankinytjatjara. 

The site has always been a major tourist attraction within Australia, attracting large crowds. Many people have taken small rocks from around Uluru as souvenirs of their visit, the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Nation
al Park reports that they often get these stones sent back to them via the mail.
It would seem a lot of people who have taken these rocks and stones fall under a spell of bad luck and have found their “curse” stems from the stones they took from the sacred site.

The park had has such an influx of letters over the years they keep a record of them all in their own “sorry book”, so that future visitors can be warned of what will happen if they take the stones.
Uluru is a sacred site to Australian Aborigines, please treat it as such, take only photos, leave only footprints...

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Curses: The Curse of the Bards Play

"Round about the cauldron go; In the poison'd entrails throw." 
Macbeth, Act IV, Sc i. William Shakespeare.

The Curse of the Bards Play

Is William Shakespeare's play “Macbeth” cursed? Plenty of Thespians and their directors will tell you “yes!”.
The story goes that if one utters the word “Macbeth” in a theatre will cause disaster. A slight variation of the curse exists where any direct quotation of the play, other than in rehearsals will begin the curse.

Believers in this age old curse have often said that the cause of the curse is the scene in which three witches are toiling over a cauldron, they believe the lines the witches say are actual spells that are cast every time they are said.
Others believe that including the character of Hecate, who is frequently cut, intensifies the spells.

Accidents seem to follow productions of Macbeth, worldwide, even the first initial premiere of the show has a legend where an actor died, the story goes that an actor died because he was stabbed with a real dagger that was mistaken for the stage prop.
Other legends have grown around this play including one that Shakespeare got some of his material from real witches, and upon them seeing their work used in the play, cursed it's name and future productions of Macbeth.

One of the most often cited pieces of evidence to the Curse of Macbeth is a riot that broke out in the Astor Place Theatre in New York in 1849 in which the National Guard were called out. The crowd were fired upon and at least 25 people were killed, with 120 seriously injured in the melee.
It is often said that the riot broke out over support for two different actors playing Macbeth on the same night in separate theatres, however, one only needs to do a google search for the Astor Place Theatre riot to find out there was a lot more to the situation at the time.

There are many stories about how the curse has had an effect on productions of Macbeth worldwide, far too many to list here, if you would like to read more about the curse a quick search on google will provide an abundance of information

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Curses: The Curse of Franz Ferdinad's Car

The first in a chain of events that would lead to the onset of World War One happened in Sarajevo when the Archduke of Austria, heir to the throne of Austro-Hungary, was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip.
The Archduke, his wife, and three other dignitaries were driving in the open top limousine, Princip stepped in front of the car and started shooting, killing The Archduke and his wife on June 28th 1914, and so legend has it, that a curse was placed upon the car in which Franz Ferdinand died.

The car fell into the ownership of one the tragedies survivors, General Potiorek. Several weeks into war between Austria and Serbia, General Potiorek's army suffered terrible losses, he was recalled to Vienna to face Emperor Franz Josef I, who, along with other dignitaries looked down upon the Generals losses and stripped him of his rank. This led the General into a severe bout of depression, which in turn led to an early death.

The next owner of the vehicle was a Captain on General Potioreks staff, he had possession of the car for a brief nine days before he had a terrible accident, hitting two peasants and driving the car into a tree, which broke his neck.

The next person to own the car was the Governor of Yugoslavia, who it is reported suffered four horrendous accidents in a period of four months, which eventually left him an amputee, losing one of his arms in the last accident.
It is said the Governor sold the car to a local doctor, who met his fate when he was driving and flipped the open topped car, causing him to be crushed underneath.
A diamond dealer named Simon Mantharides was also an owner of the notorious car, he too died after an accident.

The car was then purchased by a Swiss race driver, who was catapulted from the car whilst driving it, causing his death upon impact.

The next to own the car was a Serbian farmer. The car failed to start one day, so the quick thinking farmer decided to tow it with his horse and cart, he forget to turn off the ignition key, and eventually the engine turned over, lunging the car forward into the cart, which overturned and killed the farmer.

The last known victim of the cursed car was one Tibor Hirshfield, a garage owner, who, returning from a wedding, crashed the car and killed himself and all his passengers.

The car was eventually purchased and placed in a museum in Vienna, where it sits to this day, undriven for many years

Researched & Written
Allen Tiller

originally published 17 Dec 2012

Friday, 31 March 2017

Curses: The Curse of the Rune Stones

The Curse of the Rune Stones

Blekinge Sweden is home to a mysterious 4.2 meter tall monolith that stands in a triad with two other menhirs. On the stone is written an inscription in a proto-norse language of runes that contains a foreboding warning about the removal or destruction of the stone.
It reads:
"Björketorp Runestone, master of the runes, conceal here runes of power. Incessantly (plague
d by) maleficence, (doomed to) insidious death (is) he who breaks this (monument).”

On the other side of the same stone is written the “Prophecy of Destruction” which translate roughly too “do not try to remove or destroy this stone as death will seek you”

The runes on the stone can be traced to one of the earliest forms of Germanic Runic language from around the 6th century known as “Elder Futhark Runes”, the name comes from the first six rune – F, U,TH,A,R and K, it contains 24 alphabetic runes.

The Bjorketorp Runes meaning is one of great debate amongst scholars, some believe it to be a border marker between the lands of the Swedes and the Danes, others believe it to be a shrine to the Norse God Odin, whilst others believe it to be a headstone or memorial to warriors lost in battle, whatever its meaning the curse inscription is believed to be one of substance.

A local legend tells of a man who wished to to farm on the land and wanted to remove the stone as it was in his way. On a day of no winds and clam weather the man piled wood around the rock to try and heat the stone and then crack it by pouring cold water over it.
As the man set fire to the wood a gust of wind blew the flames away from the stone and towards the man, setting his hair on fire, but extinguishing the flames around the stone. The man, panicking, could not put out the fire upon his head and died a terrible fiery death.

Whether the curse is real or not, the stone still stands after 14 centuries.

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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Curses: The Curse of the Devils Pool

The Curse of the Devils Pool

In Far north Queensland, Australia, one can find the town of Babinda, surrounded by lush rain-forests, not far from the northern Queensland city of Cairns.

The Devils Pool is known in local Aboriginal legend as being a cursed place, cursed by an aboriginal woman. Legend has it that the woman was a wife of an Aboriginal Mob leader.
 It is said, during a local gathering event, she ran away with a man much younger than her husband, eventually she was cornered, about to be captured, and threw herself into the pool, beckoning her lover to follow...

The “Devils Pool” is a beautiful rain forest location, but the pool itself is very dangerous, with numerous signs posted warning of shallow waters and fast currents, this isn’t a place to play casually.

Since 1959 the pools have claimed the lives of 17 young males, is it the fact that younger males are more reckless and willing to take chances, or is the curse a reality?

One local, Annie Wonga, gave this account on Wikipedia:
"There was a tribe that lived here. In this tribe was an elder, and his name was called Waroonoo and Waroonoo was promised to a girl called Oolana. When they got married, they had a big dance. As they went dancing a wandering tribe passed through and they welcomed them. In this tribe was a handsome young warrior and his name was Dyga. Oolana fell in love with him, and he fell in love with Oolana.
While they were dancing, they decided to run further up the creek and camp there overnight. And at the morning, the wandering tribe and our tribe saw that they were missing. So they went in search of them and they said to Oolana, "You've got to come with us." And his tribe took him away. And when she saw that, she just came and she threw herself into the creek. She loved him that much. And there was a mighty upheaval, and rocks were strewn everywhere and where she lay is now called the Devil's Pool. And every now and again she might call a wandering man to her, thinking that it's Dyga."


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Curses: The Curse of Robert the Doll

Key West Florida 1897 , The wealthy Otto family moved into their large plantation home, it is said the Otto's were particular cruel to their servants and dealt out unjust punishments upon them for no good reason .

The Otto's welcomed their first born child Gene in 1906. the Otto's had a number of servant girls and gave one the distinction of being the Nanny of their young son.

The young girl, it is said, was well versed in Voodoo, and upon Genes 6th birthday presented him with a new doll. Gene loved his new friend and named him Robert.

Robert went everywhere Gene went, the two were inseparable. As time passed the family noticed the Otto's noticed their sons' fascination with the doll was becoming all consuming. It wasn’t long before they noticed some unusual goings on with the doll. Whilst listening to their son play, they heard him asking questions, and heard answers from an unknown voice, when the Father entered the room he saw no-one present. He asked Gene who had been in his room answering him, Gene would only

Reply “Robert”

Gene began to suffer terrible nightmares, and would wake the house with his scream of terror in the night, when the Father would run into the room he would find all of Genes furniture overturned and Gene in his bed trembling with fear. Robert would be sitting upright at the end of his bed, glaring at him.

Gene would shout “ Robert did it!, Robert did it!”

Many years after Gene's Father died and Gene inherited the family home. He moved into the home with his wife Ann and used a room as his studio, as Gene was now a semi-famous artist. He would always have Robert with him in his studio, and paint, talking to the doll as if in deep conversation.

Ann grew to despise the doll and her husbands obsession with it, eventually she told her husband to put it in the attic, he did so, visiting Robert with regularity

Robert remained in the attic for a few years, during this time Gene would often state to Ann that Robert was terribly angry about his treatment. Gene wanted Robert to have his own room, one of the guest rooms that overlooked the street. Ann, not wanting to fight any more over the doll, gave in to Gene and allowed it.

Legends grew among local children about the doll. Some said they would see it dancing in the window, others told how its head would follow them as they walked past, with a scowling look upon its face.Most children avoided looking at the Otto house altogether as they passed.

Gene and Ann's relationships was slowly deteriorating, Gene would lash out at his wife, throwing objects at her and smashing furniture,his demeanor would change back to normal as quickly as it changed to menacing, and he would once again be the loving Gene he had been, offering an apology similar to the one his parents had once heard him utter “It was Robert, Ann. Robert did it!”

Ann began to question her husbands sanity.

In the early 1970's Gene became very ill, he would not allow his wife to aide him and instead locked himself in a room with the doll.Robert Eugene Otto died in the guest room of his house with his doll Robert, laying alongside him.

Ann sold the house and moved on, leaving Robert somewhat hidden in the attic.

A new family moved into the home, and in their efforts to clean the attic found the doll laying under a number of old boxes. The couples daughter took a shine to the doll and added it to her own porcelain doll collection.

It wasn’t long until Robert was up to his old tricks again. The family would be woken by the girl screaming in the bedroom, only to enter and find all her furniture strewn across the room.

She claimed the Robert had been running around the room jumping up and down breaking things. It is said to this day the then girl, now a 40 something year old woman, still claims what happened with the doll is truthful

The Family moved the doll on, it was donated to the Key West Florida Martello Museum.

Robert is now on display in the museum, he is said to still be active. Employees speak of Robert moving inside his display case, of his facial features changing and of bizarre goings on in the museum.

One of the most common stories regarding the doll is that of camera malfunctions in his presence, it appears, unless one asks Robert directly if they can take a photo of him, your camera will not work in his presence, this phenomena has been documented on numerous occasions.

Guards will often leave candy in Roberts presence as a way to bribe him into not causing any damage in the museum, often they return in the morning to find just the wrappers at his feet.

Rumour has it that Robert was put together by Gene's Nanny for revenge against her harsh treatment by the Otto Family. It is suggested she was well versed in voodoo and that she put a curse on the doll as she filled his insides with animal bones and evil relics.

One of the strangest things about Robert is he appears to be aging, his hair has turned white and he is starting to look old and worn, is it possible, that whatever lurks inside Roberts tiny body is also subject to the ravages of time?

Much has been documented about Robert The Doll, a quick google search will reveal a great number of eye witness testimony and letters written to the doll asking to have curses lifted, whether or not you choose to believe Robert is haunted and cursed is up to you, but the evidence is mounting!

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Curses: The Curse of Rosemary's Baby

The Curse of Rosemary's Baby

This movie made in 1968, directed by Roman Polanski, is another Hollywood movie said to be plagued by horrible tragedies that stem from a curse being placed upon it. The movie is a psychological Horror that tells the story of a young pregnant woman who thinks her husband may have made a pact with her eccentric neighbours to sacrifice her baby in a ritual as a pay off to help further his acting career

The curse for this movie seems to begin with a link to notorious serial killer, Charles Manson. Charles was convicted through the “joint responsibility” law, that rules co-conspirators should also face the same fate of the en-actors of a crime. Mansons “Family” murdered Roman Polanki's then pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, in cold blood in her California home, along with 4 other people. 

The hotel building which appears in the film Rosemary's Baby, is the same hotel that legendary musician, John Lennon was murdered in front of by Mark Chapman in 1980
Other incidences that are attributed to the curse include the films music composer dying in exactly the same manner as a character in the film. The Producer of the movie almost succumbing to Kidney failure, and a model in the film who was later arrested for murder

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Curses: The Curse of Superman

The Curse of Superman

One of the best known curses of modern times, The Curse of Superman has plagued many modern actors who have worn the red cape of the legendary DC comics superhero.
The two most notable references tot he curse belong to George Reeves, who played Superman from 1952 until 1958 on the television show “Adventures of Superman”. George Reeves would eventually die of a gunshot would to the head at the age of 45, that was officially termed a suicide by authorities but has always been a contentious issue due to evidence that was “overlooked” at the time.
The second most notable influence of the curse is sited at that of Christopher Reeve, who played Superman in 4 movie's between 1978 and 1987. Christopher Reeve was injured in a horse riding accident in which he was paralysed from the neck down, he died nine years later at the age of 52.

Of course the curse in this case is very loosely based on any accident or misfortune that befalls a cast member of someone who has worked on a production involving superman.

Bud Collyer
Other deaths associated with the curse include Bud Collyer who voiced the first Superman cartoon from 1941 to 1943, he later voiced the 1966 adaption, he died three years later of a circulatory ailment.
Lee Quigley, who played Baby superman in the Christopher Reeve 1978 move, died at the age of 14 from solvent abuse.
Then there is Dana Reeve, Wife of Christopher Reeve who died from lung cancer at the age of 44 despite being a non-smoker her entire life

Non Death related attributions to the curse:
Kirk Alyn, who played Superman in two very low budget serials of Superman found it hard to find work afterwards. He would later appear as Lois Lanes Father in the 1978 movie. He lived to ripe old age of 88, but his career decline between playing superman and starring as Lois Lanes father is often cited as an effect of the curse.

Margot Kidder who played Lois Lane went missing in 1996 and turned up naked and disorientated several days later. Her ordeal was put down to severe bipolar disorder.

Richard Pryor played villain Gus Gorman in 1983's Superman 3, the role is often attributed as the beginning of the end of his career in film due to massive box office failure that was Superman 3. Three years later Pryor was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Pryor died in 2005 of cardiac arrest.

So is the curse genuine or just superstition and loosely related accidents and mishaps?

The following actors are yet to have anything attributed to the curse: Dean Cain who played Superman in “Louis & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman".
Brandon Routh who donned the tights and cape for the 2006 movie “Superman Returns” and Bob Holiday who played The Man of Steel in the Broadway play “ It's a Bird, It's a Plane, it's Superman!”
We will eventually see their deaths attributed to the curse?, only time will tell...

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Allen Tiller
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first published Dec 17 2012

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Curses: The Curse of Eddie and the Hotrods

The Curse of Eddie and the Hotrods

In 1977 Eddie and The Hotrods released their single “Do what ya wanna do”, which was soon become a massive hit for them. The cover of the single featured Alistair Crowley's face with a set of Mickey Mouse ears on his head, a play on Crowley's famous line “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law”
Not long after the release of the single a large volume of letters started arriving at the groups fan site address, many of them from Crowley followers telling the band they were “playing with fire” and would “live to regret” what they had done.
 Legend has it that Jimmy Page, long time follower of Crowley phoned members of the band and told them he would curse them in Crowley's name.

It didn’t take long for the curse to become true in the eyes of the band members, the man responsible for the Crowley cover committed suicide, the bands manager died of a drug overdose and numerous other legal, relationship and money troubles beset the band.

The band have broken up and reformed numerous times only Barrie Masters, the original singer has maintained his position in the band throughout it's entirety.

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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Curses: The Curse of Atuk

The Curse of Atuk


Atuk is a script for a movie yet to be made. Legend has it that this script has been passed amongst some of Hollywoods leading funny men who have all passed away suddenly after reading the script.
Atuk, which means “Grandfather” in Inuit is intended to be a film about an Inuit hunter trying to adapt to life in the big city, a classic “fish out of water” type tale. 

Actors to ha
ve read the script and allegedly top have died because of its curse include, John Belushi, John Candy, Chris Farley and Sam Kinison, others whose deaths have also been attributed to the curse include Michael O'Donoghue and Phil Hartman who both would have had minor roles in the film.

The movie was most recently referenced by Will Ferrell in “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” when Adam McKay repeatedly pitches a screenplay called “Eskimo in New York” to Ron Burgundy

Is the legend truthful or is it just another group of coincidences that have been loosely put together as a conspiracy and curses....

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originally published 17th Dec 2012

Friday, 24 March 2017

Curses: The Curse of the Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond, named after Henry Phillip Hope, who bought the diamond and passed it down through his family line until being sold to pay family debts, it is a blue-gray diamond weighing 45.52 carats.
According to the legend, a curse was placed when the blue diamond was stolen from an idol in India . The curse foretold bad luck and death not only for the owner of the diamond but for all who touched it.

The hope diamond was originally mined in India in the 17 century, where it was purchased in a crudely cut form by Frenchman Jean Baptiste Tavernier.
Tavernier sold the stone on to King Louis XIV in 1668, who had a jeweller cut and reset the stone in gold. The diamond was then stolen in 1793 after the beheading of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.
It is thought that King George IV of England held the diamond for some time before it was sold after his death to help pay off his debts.
It was sometime after the death of King George IV that Henry Hope purchased the diamond from a private dealer.

The stone was bought in London by a dealer, who disposed of it to a buyer, one Joseph Frankels, who held the diamond until it was again sold to pay off debts.
Pierre Cartier then bought the Diamond, and sold it to an American Heiress named Evalyn Walsh McLean

McLean was dealt many tragic blows in her time, her daughter died of a drug overdose, her son died in a car accident, her husband died in a sanatorium and she was forced to sell her families newspaper The Washington Post to cover crippling debts.
She died of pneumonia in 1947 and her entire collection of jewellery was sold to Harry Winston Inc.

In 1958, the diamond was donated to the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History in Washington, the diamond has an estimated worth of a quarter of a Billion dollars U.S.

The Smithsonian claims that they have not had any effects from the curse since the diamond has been in their possession.

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Allen Tiller

first published: 17 December 2012
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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Curses: The Cursed Phone Number

The Phone Number of Death

The phone number 0888 888 888 has been banned from being used by the phone company Mobiltel after it was discovered that everyone that has been issued with the number has died.
Bulgarian Mobiltel CEO, Vladimir Grashnov was the first person to be issued the number, he died at the age of 48 in 2001 from Cancer.

Underworld figure, Konstantin Dimitrov was next to have th
e number, he was killed in a shooting in the Netherlands in 2003. His death is possibly a Russian Mafia hit.
Next in line for the number was a businessman named Konstantin Dishliev, an apparent corrupt Bulgarian businessman who was gunned down in an Indian restaurant. It turned out Dishliev was trafficking cocaine from South America and was killed after the police intercepted a huge amount of cocaine he was importing.

The phone number was removed from service while police investigated the death of Dishleiv, it was decided by the company to suspend the number indefinitely as many in the company believed it to be jinxed.
If the number is phoned now all one gets is a recorded message saying “outside network coverage”

So what do you think, is the number cursed is it just a coincidence ?

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Allen Tiller
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first published 17 December 2012