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Abandoned Theme Parks – Australia

Abandoned Theme Parks – Australia

Australia has a fascination with the Gold Coast and the theme parks it offers, but did you know the rest of Australia has also had a share of theme parks, but sadly, most have shut their doors and since made way for redevelopments and urban renewal.
Today I am going to present a small list of some of the abandoned, closed, redeveloped, or “newly” reopened theme parks around this great country of ours.
Some may also be haunted......


Canberry Fair – Now a housing Development

New South Wales

African Lion world - Warragamba - Bullen Animal Park: are essentially the same place, run by the same man, an Ex-Circus owner who died in 2001, both places now appear to be closed to the public

El Caballo Blanco – Destroyed by fire, site now used for equestrian events

Fantasy Glades, Port Macquarie – reopened and operating

Leyland Brothers World, Karuah: Operates now as “The Great Aussie Bushcamp”
"Uluru" Leyland Bros. World main building

Magic Kingdom, Lansvale NSW - There are attached stories of haunting to the location, which has been abandoned for sometime this link shows an aerial view of the location, note the large yellow slide, still intact!

Magic Kingdom Aerial view

Some of the rides were sourced from Luna Park after Luna Park closed in 1979 following the Ghost Train tragedy (which is an interesting read as it has occult, mafia and supernatural ties!)

Quote from a ghost thread -
"I went to another place one time with some mates one random night, Its at liverpool or lansvale, its called magic city or magic kingdom. It use to be a theme park like wonderland but got shut down because some of the rides killed people and pretty freaky going there at night, Hearing shit and seeing shit I never want to go there again i get freaked out easily with ghost and stuff like that hahaha "

Quote from replies:
"Well apparently the place is haunted. There are many witness accounts to the mystery. My cousin and his friends also went there once and my friend was with them. She told me she saw a white ghost figure opposite the big slide. Off course they all then ran away. They also mentioned an old lady who lives in a house just outside the park and that shes a bit scary too."
Posted by Haunted, 2/07/2009 3:39:56 PM
"Sorry to say this, but the place's haunted. As it said that the Ghost Train catched on fire in 1979 and 7 people die. Some of my friends told me that if you visit the kingdom at day or night, you might hear strange noises or you might see a white figuire near the big slide. I guess the 7 people died in the Ghost train are still there. So, i won't support the idea of restructing or opening the kingdom. Mind you, what could happen if we do open it again?."
Manly Fun Pier – redeveloped, no longer there.

Old Sydney Town:
- - Now used for movie shoots, this location has considerable historic buildings and rumours of hauntings

O’Neill's Adventure Land:
currently used as a back drop for the TV show “Double the fist” and in the movie's “Babe” and ”Ghost Rider”

Paradise Gardens – Cattai: Now a Golf Course

Sega world - Sydney – Building Demolished
Sega World

Wonderland – Sydney: complete demolition of the park was undertaken in September 2005

Marine Land - “The Spit” Gold Coast” : demolished in 1995, now the site of Sheriden Hotel
Marineland on "The Spit" - Gold Coast

Amazons Water Park – Jindalee: Now a housing Development

Grundy's Entertainment Centre: Now a “Timezone” or “Funtasia” games centre

Magic Mountain: Nobby Beach: demolished, the site is now resort apartments

Mirage Grand Prix – Oxley: all that is left of the former park is a rusted slide between the WOW, Harvey Norman and McDonalds (I have visited this site as I lived close by at one point and used to shop at "WOW: Sight and Sound" rather often, there was very little left standing at the time.)

Nostalgia Town, Pacific Paradise: Vacant lot ready for subdivision

Olympia Theme Park, Alexendra Head: now a “tourist park” (caravan/camping park)

Adventure Parc: Mt Tamborine: not really a theme park, more to do with “flying fox” style rides, and adventure climbing

South Australia

Luna Park: Glenelg – Luna Park became “Magic Mountain”, which was demolished and become “The Beach House” which is still in operation. 

Dazzland, Myer Centre, Adelaide:

Ghost Stories...well, maybe?

“The boy who fell off with his school bag was sitting on the hand-rail of the escalator (which is fairly low). That's why he overbalanced and went backwards over the edge - he was on the moving object (escalator) and he had this heavy bag on his back hanging over the side.

I heard the story about this person on Wednesday on the radio, then I didn't know what happened to him until I found this thread - I understand why they do it (prevent copycats, prevent dramatisation etc) but it's odd the way they have a media blackout in relation to suicides.
Sometimes you are late on a train one morning and wonder what happened and never know....I was there in 1994 ish prior to the sales being there, when a guy fell/jumped...he landed down the bottom in that food section area..sorry, it's been a few years since I've been to Myer in Rundle Mall.

But it was horrible. I remember standing on one of the higher levels looking down and he was laying all 'crumpled' on the ground. Not actually sure what happened to him after that. But I think that's what prompted Centre Management to erect those white sails.”

The chapter called 'Suicide, Smoking and the Unsticky Cigarette' was particularly interesting. Do you Adelaideans remember the Myer Center suicides in 1996? First, there was an incident, a teenager fell off an escalator. There was confusion about whether it was an accident or suicide. And then, a few days later, there was a suicide. Both were reported widely in the media. Soon the Myer center had an epidemic of suicides. There were between 12 and 15 suicides (and one or two attempted suicides) in all, I don't remember exactly. I was working there at the time, and it was chaos. At one stage there was a suicide (or attempt) every week for two months. After a woman (who actually survived) landed one table away from some people sitting and eating on the basement level, a net went up briefly as an emergency measure and was then removed in favour of the sails. Shoulder high perspex sheets went up around the higher levels to stop people climbing over the rails. The media stopped reporting the suicides very early on, and at the time I thought that was wrong, but now I realise it was entirely the right thing to do.


African Lion Safari: (Rockbank) – Now a garden nursery

Dinosaur World, Creswick: all that is left is a couple of old sheds

Dreamland, St Kilda: this attraction would have sat roughly where “Luna Park” sits today
Dreamland circa 1908

Hi Lite Park – Geelong: demolished to make way for foreshore redevelopment

Leisureland Fair, Langwarrin - now a housing estate

Rosebud fun and Picnic Park: Golf Course

The Swagmans Hat Amusement Park: Corinella – Unknown if site is occupied

Wirths Olympic Circus: now the site of the Melbourne Arts Centre

Wobbies World

A plant nursery now resides on the Springvale Road site as well as the Saxon Wood townhouse estate, with the concrete castle, bridges, a train station, the Birthday Room and the miniature golf course still remaining (within the nursery) from the former amusement park.

Western Australia

Action Park, Mirrabooka: Was located at the back of the ice rink next to where ‘World 4 Kids’ toyshop used to be, now just a vacant sandy block.

Atlantis Marine Park, Two Rocks :

Since its closure in 1990 the park has been abandoned and vandalised.
The site is currently owned by property developers, the Fini Group. A plan has been put forward to the City of Wanneroo to develop the area into a mix of retail, commercial and entertainment land uses. In the plan, key features of the Marine Park such as King Neptune would be retained.
This website is by far the most descriptive of the sites current conditions – looks like an excellent place to investigate – but needs more research at this point:

Dizzylamb Park, Carabooda: Now a laser skirmish park:

Elizabethan Village, Armadale :
Pub is still in use as is much of the village

Luna Park, Scarborough Beach : demolished in 1971 – now shops and apartments

Pioneer World/Village, Armadale : Still in operation!

White City/Ugly Land/Cooee City, Perth: long gone

Castle Fun Park:


Serendipity park, Devenport: Now a mini golf park

I would like to thank Amanda Maloney from West Australian Paranormal Researchers for her help on the Western Australian categories, and also Mr Robb Demarest for the inspiration to research this particular avenue of interest.


  1. i used to live near the magic kingdom in Lansvale and my uncle, my sister and i used to go bike riding and we always ride past it and all i saw was the shoe and the big slide.

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  4. Oh my goodness. I remember going to a Magic Mountain somewhere in Brisbane Qld or could have even been the Gold Coast. We took the chairlift up to the castle where we were greeted by a meriod of characters from magicians and fairies to goblins and vampires. I was 9 years old at the time and was disappointed that the magician didn't chop the head off my school teacher

    1. It was at Miami on the Gold Coast

    2. It was at Miami on the Gold Coast

  5. Fantasy Glades, Port Macquarie did not reopen and not operating at this time.
    a lady and man from Qld bought the property and were to reopen the park but the land is up for sale again.

  6. Dude do you have any pics of Mirage Grand Prix? Would love to see them. Also Topps in the Myer Centre used to look exacty like that one in adelaide except for having a dragon roller coaster instead.

  7. Do you think it's still safe to visit the magic kingdom in lansvale?