Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre

I thought I might go back a few months and post some info about one of our recent cases.
 In July this year we teamed up with Peterborough group, Mid North Paranormal to work on an investigation at a local heritage rail museum, Steamtown.

 Karen and I arrives late in the day and joined Mid Norths Team leader "Tizzy" for an inspection of the site. We needed to see what possible dangers and obstacles there might be, and to get a layout of where to investigate.
 What a magnificent place it ended up being, Steam trains, diesel loco's, carriages, it was a trainspotters dream place!
 We set about working out where we would set up, we then returned to Tizzy's house for a quick breifing, before coming back to the site. Steamtown do a light and sound show, which includes a feature film about the history of the town, the trains and townsfolk, we were invited to watch, and did so, taking notes for our EVP sessions and for when we return for future investigations....
 During the movie, it started raining, which sooned turned into pouring! we feared we might lose our investigation, and having driven two hours, it would be a costly loss! However, out guides Len and Tanya, two of Steamtowns volunteers allowed to to investigate inside the train carriages, something we didnt expect - and our investigation was saved!
  We had a number of other problems with equipment though, our night vision failed, which left us in the dark with video, but we persevered, and think we got some good footage.
 We had a number of "incidents" during our investigation with a shadow figure seen, unexplained footsteps, orbs/ lights and whistling....but nothing solid enough for us to present to the client unfortunately, we will however be returning to try again

Steamtown video - this is a little video of our adventure

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  1. It's a wonderful little museum which illustrated the inner working of the railway system.I am definitely looking forward to reach there.

    Steamtown Peterborough