Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I got a sweet tooth!

G'day Readers! :)
                        What a busy week it has been! Eidolon Paranormal investigated the Kapunda Kandy Mine Saturday just gone, a little lolly shop situated in the main street of Kapunda. The current owners have had numerous events that remain unexplainable. Whilst Karen was visiting the store to buy some New Zealand mint leaves, Tracey, the shop owner struck up a conversation with her, and from it, an investigation was born! (well done Karen I must say! ;) )
  The shop has an interesting history, its beginnings were a butcher shop started by Nathaniel Hawke and Joseph Tuckfeild, soon to change ownership to Mr A.G. Nation, who in his time added a second storey. Mr Nation sold to Mr H Cunningham, who was also a butcher, later the house was lived in by Mr. Schrapel, who was in local government, Mr Davidson, the district Clerk, and later Mr Master, who turned the butchers shop in a bakery!
In more recent times it has been A.J. Salmon computers, Leading Edge Computers, an Antique store and now a lolly shop!
 More on this investigation on our website soon!

We also visited one of our favourite locations, Dead Man's Billabong, a secret little place not many know off. It was here we were treated to an evening show by Mother Nature as bats flew in the twilight sky dining on insects - it's moments like these that you saviour for a lifetime, being spoiled with an abundance of the wonders God has made upon this Earth....

Stay tuned to our youtube channel, Eidolon Productions, our video/music/book publishing arm will be releasing some content soon as a thank you for our location providers, and becuase we feel, personally, that anything we can do for our community is a positive thing!

  -Allen Tiller - CEO/Founder: Eidolon Paranormal

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