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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Arwin John Gonzalez

    "Journey To The World Of Paranormal"
    Arwin John Gonzalez

    Hailing from Ipoh, Malaysia, Arwin Gonzalez is the founder, and lead investigator of Malaysian Paranormal Research.

    Arwin became interested in the paranormal as a child after experiencing, and seeing, some strange occurrences. He also lists the “Ghostbusters” movie as being a major influence in his direction for seeking answers to what happens after we die.

    It is Arwins goal as a paranormal investigator to find the answers that many of us seek, is there an afterlife, and what is the soul?
    I asked Arwin;
     “How has becoming a paranormal investigator changed your life?"

    Arwin:“Being able to understand death is not the end, but rather a beginning of the next level of life. My view and perspective on spirits have changed, unlike many (that) say spirits are evil and demonic, but I find spirits are just humans without body and do retain emotions and feelings.”

    Arwin finds it deeply satisfying researching the history of locations he is going to investigate and then being able to validate his research findings through various different methods during his investigations.
    He also finds he tends to dream a lot about upcoming investigations, only to find his dream coming true, and a sense of deja vu coming over him whilst investigating.

    Arwin has spent much time in the media spotlight, featuring in magazine and newspaper articles, doumentaries and even as a guest on Ghost hunters International,
     (watch the episode here:   )

    Arwin with the cast from Ghost Hunters Internatio

    Arwin lists Cemeteries, Pudu Prison and Kellies Castle, the subject of the Ghost Hunters International episode he was in, as his favourite locations to investigate and three of the four places he was most impressed with. The fourth being a private school he investigated.

    Arwin has seen many paranormal phenomena in his time investigating including the formation of ecto-plasm right in front of his face. The ecto-plasm shaped itself into a face like structure and approached Arwin, as it started to enter his body it dissolved. Arwin stated that the ectoplasm felt cold to the touch.
    Amongst the vast amount of evidence Arwin has archived in his collection, his proudest achievement is a photograph of a dark apparition caught during a gaol investigation.
    Arwin states that his favourite piece of equipment to use is his much trusted Sony handy cam, “Because, without documented proof, nothing is substantial”. He also adds that being able to see in the infrared spectrum is very valuable to his investigation techniques.

    John also has a book availble about his many investigations, his estbalished techniques and various paranormal phenomena, it is very resaonably priced and is availble at:

    You can visit Arwins Website on the following link

    Interviewed, researched and written by:
    Allen Tiller
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