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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Gary Anderson

"Join The Hunt"
Gary Anderson

Born in Thornaby-On-Tees, in North Yorkshire, England, Gary has since emigrated to Western Australia. He is the Co-Founder (with Anthony Yates) of West Australian Paranormal Research.

Seeing a UFO as a child led Gary into seeking other aspects of the paranormal, broadening his perception of what may be out there. His fascination with the paranormal has also heightened his perception of the fact that there is more going on in the world, on a daily basis, than we humans understand and perceive.

Gary became an investigator for the same reasons most of us do, to seek knowledge and answer questions of the unknown, the unexplainable, the supernatural and the paranormal.
 Gary seeks to raise the profile of the paranormal amongst the general public, a still somewhat taboo subject, and one that often has stigma attached to it.

One of Gary’s favourite investigation locations is the historic Albany Quarantine Station in Western Australia.

Work on the Albany Quarantine Station was begun in 1874, and six years later, was expanded to include additions to the original hospital and caretakers buildings. A morgue, Doctors quarters, isolation wards, servants quarters and a dining room being some of the additions.
 The Quarantine Station was used to control infectious diseases being brought onto Australian shores, and saw people with cases of yellow fever, smallpox or scarlet fever pass through its doors.
As you can imagine there were many deaths over the years within the walls of this location, lending the Albany Quarantine Station a morbid past, and one attractive to a paranormal investigator.

Gary lists Waverley Hills Sanatorium, Edinburgh Vaults and Poveglia Island as the places outside of Australia he would most like the opportunity to investigate.

Gary and the WAPR team have done some fantastic investigations over the years and have collected a great deal of data from haunted locations, including a video of doors being pushed open on request, that coincides with a spike on K2, and Trifield meters. An EVP answer to a directly asked question of “Where are you?” with the EVP response being “ Behind you”...and if that doesn’t creep you out, Gary has been pulled down flat to the ground from an unseen force!

Gary loves EVP work and videoing investigations, and lists a voice recorder, PX (ovilus), EMF meters and night vision cameras as his favourite choices of equipment on an investigation.

Gary and the team from West Australian Paranormal Research. Have made it into the mainstream media on many occasions for their work in Western Australia. Including appearances on Today Tonight, A Current Affair, ABC Radio, Shadow Walkers Radio, SOCO Paranormal Radio, Night Visions Radio and many more.
Gary has appeared in Australian magazines and newspapers including, “The Examiner”, “Take That”, "The West Australian" (newspaper) and "The Sunday Times."

 You can see Gary in this promo for a possible upcoming Australian Paranormal TV show:

Links for some of the videos and news stories Gary and WAPR team have done below;

Eidolon Paranormal and West Australian Paranormal Researchers have become very good friends over the past couple of years, and we look forward to seeing more great output from this team that is going places fast!
We will be covering more investigators from W.A.P.R. and other Western Australian teams in future releases of this series on our blog.

Surveyed, Researched and Written by:
Allen Tiller

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