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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: George Shiels

"Core New Zealand"
George Shiels

Born in Scotland but now living in the “land of the long white cloud”, New Zealand George Shiels runs the team “Core Paranormal NZ”.

George working with members of Haunted Auckland
George started his first paranormal investigation group 3 years ago. Strange things have been happening to George and his family after the passing of a close relative, seeking answers, George sought help from a local team, but was turned away, so he decided to start his own team, and learn the ins and outs of paranormal investigations for himself, and along the way, help others like himself seek the answers to their own paranormal questions.
After a few name changes along the way, George settled on the name “Core Paranormal NZ” and has been using it now for more than two years

George discussing paranormal phenomena with Haunted Auckland

George loves to investigate historic places, and lists his personal favourite investigations as The Tavistock Hotel, Waitomo Caves and a couple of private museums

He states his favourite piece of equipment is a thermal imaging camera because; “ Thermal imaging camera, it gives a different view or twist to how the investigation is going”

In 2010 George and the “Crew”, as he likes to call his team, investigated Pukeora Sanatorium, a World War One respite hospital for soldiers returning from the trenches. The hospital offered care for soldiers who had inhaled mustard gas and had bronchial complaints or suffered TB
Taverstock Hotel
You can read more about this investigation on Core Paranormal NZ's website here: 

Interviewed, Researched and Written By:
Allen Tiller

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