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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Ryan Buell

“Paranormal State”

“Ryan Buell”

Ryan Buell, a man of many hats, Paranormal Investigator, Producer, Author, Journalist, Actor and founder of the “Paranormal Research Society” at Penn State University in Pennsylvania, was born in Corry Pennsylvania USA in 1982, but grew up in South Carolina.

Ryan had paranormal phenomena happen to him from a young age, many things went unexplained (you can read more in his book).Ryan started investigating at the age of 16, working with local teams (now disbanded) and at the age of 19, founded his own team.
Ryan found himself at Penn State University, an institution of learning, boasting some 600 special interest groups, with none devoted to researching the paranormal.
On September 16th of 2001 Ryan formed the “Paranormal Research Society” at the University, in it's early years, PRS welcomed all and sunder, but this changed after an incident of hysteria when self proclaimed psychics in the group, with outside influence, proclaimed Ryan to be possessed by the spirit of a girl who had died many years before at the university.
After this point, PRS screened potential members seeking only those serious about research and investigation. PRS restructured its internal workings and created department-specific research and investigation sections. It also required members to enrol in a semester long training course before being elevated to investigator status.

In 2006 PRS filmed the pilot episode of what was to become “Paranormal State”, the episode wouldn’t air until 2007, as the first episode of a 13 investigation series on A&E. The show attracted 2.5 million viewers, and is very distinct in its styling, narration and investigation style.

Paranormal State went on for five seasons, until Ryan decided to leave in 2011 due to personal reasons and to focus more on PRS.

In 2008 Ryan re-enrolled to earn an Anthropology degree via Penn State.

In 2010 Ryan released his first book “Paranormal State; My Journey Into The Unknown”, a best seller.

As I write this in July 2012, Ryan is in hospital suffering from kidney failure after recently being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The photo below was posted on Ryan's facebook page with the following caption:

“Why I did the picture. First off, art should really stand alone, for people to interpret. But just so you know, Sergey (and almost anyone who knows me), know that I have an obsession with super heroes. Particularly Captain America, Spider-Man and Batman. Sergey asked me how my illness made me feel. I said "naked." And that's where the process began. And I'm holding a Captain America bookbag, pulling out a Captain America shirt, looking at it for strength. This photograph process was great therapy for me. But the finished product is meant for you. I know there are many of you suffering from illnesses, and not just cancer. I say to all of you: SOLDIER ON! I know the pain that you will feel. And the pain for treatment. I still say SOLDIER ON! Let's think of one another during those moments, even though we don't know each other. “

We at Eidolon Paranormal are big fans of Ryans work, our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan and his family , and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Allen Tiller

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