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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Barry Porter

"Go The Eels!"

Barry Porter

Born in Parramatta in Sydney's Western suburbs, Barry “Bazza” Porter had two paranormal occurrences in his childhood that shaped his fascination with cryptids and ghosts. When six years old Barry witnessed a spirit form in his bedroom, then four years later at the age of ten, witnessed a “Doolagahl”, a Yowie, near his house.

Educated in NSW, Barry is a mad Parramatta Eels NRL (rugby) Supporter, and a Christian Pastor, Barry is a part of the Christian Cryptozoology And Paranormal Study Group, a group that features members from around the globe interested in Cryptid and Paranormal events from a Christian view point, which also features such noted members as "The Paranormal Pastor" - Robin Swope.

Working as a minister for the Church, Barry has experienced a great deal of paranormal phenomena, from objects moving of their own accord whilst delivering ministry, to people being choked with invisible hands which Barry describes here:
“I've seen a couple of people choking from invisible hands where you can see the finger marks on their throats as you do the exorcism.”

Through being a minister Barry has come cross many people needing help after having negative paranormal experiences. This led to Barry researching and investigating a number of cases in Australia, including cases at Bowen Mountain, and at a Chinese restaurant in Caringbah. Barry has seen many things in his time in the Church and as an investigator, including, Shadow People, Angelic and Demonic beings, and has been choked by unseen forces, through all of this Barry has not lost his faith, nor his positivity.

When we asked what his best piece of evidence was? Barry replied “I kinda got slimed, eye was slimy and half my body went numb when an apparition passed through me, but apart from moving cans and things being thrown around, nothing tangible that can be analysed like a photo or anything.”

Barry also has a great sense of humour, as this reply to an interview question we asked him will attest.
What is your favourite piece of equipment, and why? “ Those meter thingies..that go "whooosh" when you crack whips and there are convict spirits present....I'm not very technical.”

Barry and the team at Christian Cryptozoology And Paranormal Study Group do great work in Australia, you can keep up to date with the team via their blog at:

Or if you would like to learn more about Barry, you can follow this link to a 2010 interview on 

Eidolon Paranormal have been working with Barry, Bryony and team now for a couple of years, and have become good friends. CCAPSG is one of the most honest and thought provoking teams in the community today, even if you do not identify as a Christian, this team still has something for you, check them out today!

Researched & Written By:
Allen Tiller

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