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The Haunts of Adelaide – History, Mystery & the Paranormal

The Haunts of Adelaide – History, Mystery & the Paranormal

Published by CUSTOM BOOK Publications It has always been Allen Tiller’s aim to provide a factual insight into haunted locations in Adelaide, and indeed, the rest of Australia. He lifts the veil on ghost stories and reveals the truth behind the myths and tales that so often become urban legend and local folklore. His mission is to research the historical facts of locations, people, places and buildings - from a distinctly paranormal perspective. The Haunts of Adelaide was born… 

With previously unpublished stories.

Exclusive Haunting: Australia references

Avid paranormal enthusiasts may note that this book misses some allegedly haunted locations in Adelaide, such as The Light Hotel and Old Adelaide Gaol, this was done with the intention of keeping the cost of book down and also allowing the main location in this book “The Adelaide Arcade” (which was investigated for the very first time by the team from Haunting: Australia in 2013) to shine a little bit brighter – there will be a follow up book to “Adelaide” in the future, but the next book in the series will feature Kapunda, with some exclusive never before published ghost stories about Australia’s Most Haunted Town passed on by the locals of Kapunda!
It is my intention to follow in the footsteps of some of my favourite Authors like John Pinkney & Grant Osborn and write multiple books, but the real inspiration behind this series of books goes to two people Russell Smith, who resides right here in Adelaide and wrote the wonderful series of books “Curiosities of South Australia”, and Ghost Hunter Mr Peter Underwood who has written a huge number of books including the incredibly popular “Ghosts of” series which covered popular, and lesser known hauntings across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1503150232
  • ISBN-13: 978-1503150232

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