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Hilary Evans Paranormal Researcher

Hilary Evans

A self-styled and educated paranormal researcher, Hilary Evans is somewhat better known for helping to establish with his wife Mary, “The Mary Evans Picture Library” in 1964, a collection of millions of illustrations from the 18th and 19th centuries.

With a keen interest in the unusual, the paranormal and particularly Ufology in his younger days, it wasn't until the 1960's that he joined “The Society for Psychical Research”. In his time he was a member of “The British UFO Research Association” and “The Folklore Society”. In 1981 he co-founded “The Association For The Scientific Study Of Anomalous Phenomena”.

Born the son of a Vicar in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK, Hilary's family moved to India when he was just four years old, as his Father had taken a job as Headmaster at an Indian School. Aged nine, He returned to England and attended St Georges school in Hertfordshire.
Hilary went on to earn a Masters Degree at Birmingham University and soon took on tutoring Turkish families children. Eventually, he became a copywriter for an advertising agency where he worked for 12 years. Soon, he discovered (in agreement with his employer) that he was not management material, and so he devoted his time to freelance writing and his ever-growing library.

Hilary's library of paranormally related material was vast, weighing in at 5.5 tons when donated to the Archives for UFO Research in
Sweden. He collected all kinds of writings and drawings on UFO's and related materials, read, catalogued and kept in excellent condition,
Hilary wrote a vast number of books, and was able, through his own knowledge and a vast library,  to make conclusions and connections that other people missed, or simply ignored.
Some of his many many writings include:
  • Intrusions: Society and the Paranormal. London and Boston: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1982.
  • The Evidence for UFOs. Wellingborough, Northampton, England: Aquarian Press, 1983.
  • Visions, Apparitions, Alien Visitors. Wellingborough, Northampton, England: Aquarian Press, 1984.
  • Gods, Spirits, Cosmic Guardians. Wellingborough, Northampton: Aquarian Press, 1987.
  • Alternate States of Consciousness: Unself, Other-self, and Superself. Wellingborough, Northampton: Aquarian Press, 1989.
  • Frontiers of Reality, Aquarian Press, 1989
  • Evans, Hilary, and John Spencer, eds. Phenomena: Forty Years of Flying Saucers. New York: Avon Books, 1989.
  • Evans, Hilary, and Dennis Stacy, eds. UFO 1947-1997: Fifty Years of Flying Saucers. London: John Brown, 1997.
  • Evans, Hilary, and Robert Bartholomew, eds. Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behaviour. San Antonio, Texas: Anomalist Books, 2009.
  • Evans, Hilary "SLIders: The Enigma of Streetlight Interference" San Antonio, Texas: Anomalist Books, 2010

Hilary Evans born 6 March 1929; died 27 July 2011 
May his memory live on through us.

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