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P.I.: Past & Present - Professor Robert McConnell

Professor Robert McConnell 

Professor Robert McConnell was the first president of the Parapsychological Association (USA) and a Fellow of the American Psychological Society. He spent 60 years studying parapsychology and was also the Professor Emeritus of Biological Science at the University of Pittsburgh. McConnell also held a PhD in Engineering Physics.
Professor McConnell was born in 1914 and by 1943, found himself working in war research lab whilst studying for his PhD., He also worked as on the technical staff at MIT
For the next nineteen years McConnell experimented, using students of Pittsburgh University, his study involved getting the

students to wish for control of dice to land with the number they wished facing upwards. Hundreds of people were tested during the experiment, for a 40-minute session, once each.
From 1953 to 1968 McConnell also ran another series of experiments, collaborating as a junior partner, with G.R. Schmeidler, H. Forwald and M.L.Anderson. Researching and experimenting with Extra Sensory Perception and Psychokinesis, whilst all this was happening, McConnell also wrote often to other scientists and science-related media outlets trying to gain support and funding for his field of science and for his work.
McConnell's vast catalogue of data from his EDP and PK experiments needed to be analysed, and in 1968 the process began in earnest. McConnell already knew his findings were going to create discord amongst the scientific elite, as most scientists of the time were totally against any kind of Parapsychology studies (as many still are today).
Nevertheless, McConnell stuck to his guns and continued to analyse his data and write reports on his findings, publishing them himself where he could. He sent copies to various people in other academic and scientific fields, often for free. He cited that by 1991 he had given away over 17,800 copies of his books to what he considered “The Scientific Elite”.
In 1982 Professor McConnell was asked to speak at Cambridge University for the combined celebration anniversaries of the 25th year of the Parapsychological Association and the 100th year Anniversary of the British Society for Psychical Research.
He spoke of the future of mankind, which was later expanded in his 1983 book “Parapsychology and Self-Deception in Science”

Professor McConnell went on to write many more books, but perhaps his most significant one is titled “ Are You There?: On the Deeper Meaning of ESP,” in which he muses on his 60 year career and why, in his belief, there is much evidence for the reality of ESP-related “psi phenomena” in reality, which in turn makes theories about the existence of a “god” much more plausible the current scientific standpoint that Science is God.

Professor McConnell died in 2006, but his legacy lives on, including his radar research during World War 2, and his numerous volumes of books and analytical papers about Extra Sensory Perception and Psychokinesis

To finish today, a Quote from the Professor
“ With rare exceptions and except within their chosen speciality, scientists are like the rest of humanity… For peace of mind, they believe what they want with little regard for evidence.” - Dr R.A.McConnell

The Following books were written by Professor McConnell

  • Encounters with Parapsychology
  • Parapsychology and Self-Deception in Science 
  • An Introduction to Parapsychology in the Context of Science 
  • Parapsychology in Retrospect
  • Far Out in the New Age: The Subversion of Science by Cultural Communism
  • Joyride To Infinity: A Scientific Study of the Doomsday Literature
  • Are You There?: On the Deeper Meaning of ESP 
  • Can We Win This War?: ISLAM 

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