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PI: Past & Present - Carlo J Vella

 Carlo J Vella

Today we travel to Spain to meet Carlo from the Paranormal Research Team Spain. Carlo has had a long time interest in paranormal subjects, even as a child, and spent much of his time reading horror novels and watching horror movies, with a particular interest in “ghost” movies.

Carlo had many strange occurrences happen during childhood, some of which Carlo, in retrospect, put down to an over imaginative mind and too much stimulation from books and television.

A combination of curiosity, imagination, paranormal interests and a love of research and exploration has led Carlo into the exciting, and wonderful world of paranormal investigation, and led him to found his team “Paranormal Research Team Spain”
Although Carlo doesn't consider himself a psychic, he can sometimes read into what happened in the area when he feels there is residual energy

In Spain, there is a village named “Zaragoza”, which was destroyed in the Spanish civil war, is one of Carlo's favourite places to investigate:
Carlo: “So many people died and there is something hauntingly beautiful and eerie about the place”

Carlo, like many investigators worldwide, uses a confidentiality clause in his contracts to investigate homes and public locations, and because of this clause, he is bound not to tell us much of anything about some of the other locations his team has investigated, for keeping his word, and not speaking, I think Carlo should be applauded, many many teams are too eager to brag about their locations, with “We were here first” and other such lines, when in reality, it doesn't really matter who went in first, only that the investigation was done, with respect to the clients, and to the spirits.

I asked Carlo “ Has anything unexplainable or paranormal ever happened on an investigation that you wish to share?”
Carlo “A few times I felt pains, sometimes sharp pains in my back or legs when visiting an old cathedral. Before the cathedral was built a battle took place on that spot. Many were wounded, shot, knifed etc. After a minute the pain was gone.”

Carlo also told me a little about some evidence his team captured whilst visiting Malta
Carlo “ We were in Malta and captured an image of a Turkish man. After some long hours of research, we did come across a story that tells of a Turkish man who used to kidnap women from the village, rape and kill them and toss their bodies into the ocean.”

Carlo is also an accomplished author and English teacher in Spain

To read more about Carlo please visit his website here
or his team page on facebook here: 

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