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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Anne Rzechowicz & ESP

Anne Rzechowicz
 & the Eastern States Paranormal Team

Today we visit Newcastle, New South Wales based Eastern States Paranormal Co-founder, Lead Investigator and Media Officer, Anne Rzechowicz.
Anne had a number of unexplained events happen in her childhood that caused her to develop a fear of paranormal related phenomena. People during her younger years often believed her to be a psychic, although she was not, and due to her fear if she actually did have any psychic ability, she would have suppressed it rather than explored it further.
Fear controlled her social interactions when it came to playing games as a teenager that had paranormal themes, Anne often asked herself the question that, if she did have psychic ability, would it open a door she had no control over?

Anne's courage won out in the end and rather than be controlled by fear, she decided to learn about the paranormal instead and educate herself towards overcoming what she was afraid.
Knowledge is Power over fear. In her younger years Anne remembers a very real “creature” living under her bed at her Grandparents place that would make the bed move, and as a teen, being able to sense, sometimes “see” things that she could not explain, but since educating herself and becoming a Paranormal Investigator, Anne now questions her experiences with a sense of logic that often makes her question what she has seen or felt.

Anne has also, through becoming a paranormal investigator reached out to others to educate and help them overcome their own fears and not assume that just because they are told something is one way, that it actually is that way – always question every experience.

Anne and the ESP team have been very grateful and appreciative to be granted permission to officially investigate the “Q-station” (Quarantine Station) at Manly in NSW a very well known haunted location in Australia.
The team had unlimited access to all the buildings on site other than the accommodation buildings. They collected a large volume of data including photos of entities, EVPs that backed up what their psychic was sensing, and a CCTV camera moving of its own volition!
Other places the team have found incredible evidence are Monte Cristo Homestead at Junee NSW where the team captured a photograph of an almost full bodied apparition (missing just the head), and some EVPS.

Sandgate Cemetery where Anne says the team has captured many EVPS and some activity via a REM pod at
Maitland Gaol.
 Anne and the team have caught a great deal of evidence here, including EVPs, seeing “Shadow People”, hearing disembodied voices and witnessing poltergeist activity.

It was in Maitland Gaol that Anne was investigating with fellow team member Dean, in the C-Wing. Dean opened a closed cell door and an exhale of breath was heard. Dean asked Anne if she heard it, and as he asked, a witches hat (the orange cones used on road works) flew into the door frame, from outside. It hit with a great deal of force and landed at Anne's feet.

Anne said “very funny”, thinking someone was playing a practical joke on them, but no-one came through the door. When it came to reviewing of Anne's voice recorder she found you could hear the sound of the witches hat being picked up, and of it hitting the wall, but no footsteps before or after indicating a person had come through the door and thrown the object.
Anne and Dean examined the area after the event and can still not logically explain what happened.
Anne has told me that her favourite piece of evidence is the aforementioned apparition photo from Monte Christo, of which Anne describes how it may have come to be:
Anne: ”Funnily, I was lucky enough on this investigation (Monte Christo)to be able to play on the piano a piece of music written by the Crawleys Daughter (Former Owners child) which the current owners had recently discovered. It was an out of tune broken piano and I was sight reading in the dark..but I got through it.
Nothing happened during the playing (video is available) but as a “tongue in cheek” at the end, I asked if the Crawleys liked my playing, I would be honoured if I could have a full figured apparition in a photo, not knowing that I'd already caught one on my camera earlier...leading to the whole argument of “Is time linear?”
Anne loves her low light Nikon P100 camera but also her digital voice recorder, because “sometimes you catch things on that, that is really truly unexplainable!”
Anne also told me “Co-Founder and Core Team Member Robert has had some amazing personal experiences too. His most memorable would be having a spirit draw a circle on his back. He could actually feel it being traced!”
“Rob is also the master of EVPS. He hears them in the white noise where most would miss it. He has a huge collection now of astounding recordings”

Other team members include Garth, who is the most recent addition to the team. Garth came to ESP as a client, but it was obvious to Rob and Anne that he had a gift, He was invited to join the ESP team on a social investigation night, and proved he had a natural ability.
Garth has now been with the team for 12months, training and learning, and has recently become a case manager, as a gifted psychic, who is still learning, he adds another aspect to the team and keeps the team smiling on those long and gruelling investigations

There are members to the ESP team, and hopefully in the coming months we may interview more of them here for our blog, Dean is the teams Lead Psychic, who works a flight attendant during the day, jet-setting across the globe.
Dean, and also two other team members, Caz and Lauren, work as Ghost Tour guides at Sydney's Q-Station, of which Dean has been quietly working towards bringing Psychic Chip Coffee to Q-Station for a night of psychic entertainment

Eastern States Paranormal have recently become the official Paranormal Investigation team of The Manly Q-Station, and will be conducting workshops and tours very soon (please visit their facebook page for updates)
Rob's business Ghost Shack is also running "Paranormal Experience" nights... it's not a tour, its information about how to be a paranormal investigator and how to use the equipment...not just cheap thrills and ghost stories!
Anne & Chip Coffey

The most recent one at Maitland Gaol has been an outstanding success with teams like WSPR, ESP and VALIDATE sharing their knowledge and leading experiments in the paranormal.

They are also keeping very busy with events through “Ghost Shack”, a paranormal equipment retailer run by ESP team member Robert, and through various investigations, and other planning for other upcoming events.
Eastern States Paranormal has appeared on The “Ghosts of Oz” Radio show and “Immortal Truth” & “Naked Zombie” internet podcast shows.
You can find ESP online at or on Facebook at

Although ESP are only just celebrating their first birthday, this is a team that has delved head first into their work and have created a nice niche for themselves in a State that is often overshadowed by some of the more media savvy teams that dominate the NSW paranormal landscape.
They have proven to be excellent at what they do and enthusiastic at learning about different kinds of paranormal aspects as well as educating the public about what they are passionate about.

Many thanks to Anne and the entire Eastern States Paranormal Team for allowing us some insight into their life, their team and their passion.

For more info on Eastern States Paranormal and Ghost Shack, please follow the links below:

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