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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Gunter Borremans

    Gunter BorremansParanormal Investigation Team Belgium

    This week we visit the Kingdom of Belgium, and the city of Turnhout in Flemish province of Antwerp to meet Gunter Borremans of Paranormal Investigation Team Belgium.
    Gunter was born in Turnhout and still resides in the city, the paranormal has always been an of interest too him, but became more predominant in his life after events in a local bar he owned in the city, where he was directly involved in a number of paranormal incidences. This, in turn, led him to explore further and become involved in paranormal investigation as a hobby.
    At the hotel he owned strange things would happen, glasses would fall from their place in shelves, footsteps would be heard in hallways when no-one else was present in the pub, and disembodied voices would be heard by Gunter and staff after closing time.

Gunter started his team with friends that held a similar interest, originally the team was known as “Paranormal Investigation Team Turnhout” but later became “Paranormal Investigation Team Belgium” when P.I.T.T. Merged with another local paranormal investigation team.

    P.I.T.B. Likes to keep most cases confidential, and honours their contract to private homes and business that do not wish to be named, however, sometimes they take on cases in public places that they can make public, but even then, they usually do not disclose the name or address of the place, preferring to keep it secret to stop thrillseekers that view their page and then go to the location to cause damage.
    P.I.T.B. Do, however, have some photo's on their facebook page and website (which is currently not available for public viewing due to updating of content).

    Team members in P.I.T.B. Include:
    Jurgen Erken: lead investigator - founder
    Gunter Borremans: lead investigator - founder

    Michiel Willems: tech-manager - investigator
    Lies Vriens: case manager - investigator

    Thimo Braker: investigator - tech manager
    Chris Helsen: investigator - science advisor
    Kristina Hendrickx: investigator in training
    and Raffael Raven.

    Find out more about Paranormal Investigation Team Belgium on their facebook page by following the link below 

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