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P.I. Past & Present: Reverend Canon John S Pearce-Higgins

Reverend Canon John S Pearce-Higgins

Canon Pearce-Higgins was Canon Residentiary and Vice-provost of Southwark Cathedral in Great Britain until his retirement Emeritus in 1971. He is a founding member of the Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies in the United Kingdom, which is a sister organisation to the “Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship” in Pennsylvania USA.

 Canon Pearce -Higgins was known internationally for his unique experiences, research, lectures and writings on psychic phenomena, particularly as it relates to religious faith.
 In addition to television broadcasts, Higgins-Pearce was also widely known for his lectures at colleges and schools in England on haunted houses and other paranormal topics.
 Rev Pearce-Higgins was a practising exorcist, licensed by the Bishop of Southwark, he was said to be a quietly charismatic man, who went about his business with an air of “authenticity” to his beliefs.
 He did a great deal of seminal work on multiple personality disorders and “possessions”, but was of the opinion that the overwhelming majority of “possessions” were underlying medically treatable psychosis.
Although he was a minister, Rev Pearce Higgins was also an avid paranormal investigator, and sometimes worked with the greats, such as Peter Underwood. He investigated a number of places including pubs such as the “Three Tuns Inn”  in Bungay, Suffolk, and place once known as “The Horns” on Crucifix street, Southwark. ( )

Canon Pearce -Higgins preferred not to use the title of exorcist, he often said his religious service bore no relation to other Christian exorcisms, he didn’t ban spirits to hell as it was his belief that spirits needed as much counselling as the living victims who body they found themselves in, whether forcibly or by accident.
 He believed, wholeheartedly, that most possessions were purely by accident, that people passing over often got confused by what was happening to them, or scared and clung to life.
 He also believed that there were many more hauntings and haunted people around than anyone would even care to consider.
 Pearce-Higgins wrote a ritual to release earth-bound spirits, that would send them to Heaven, or the “White-Light”, a process he termed “Soothing” as he didn’t like the title of exorcism (as stated previously).
 His “soothing” used a combination of Anglican Liturgy and special prayers.
Southwark Cathedral

The following exchange was recorded between Bishop James Pikes friend, Canon John D Pearce-Higgins and the alleged spirit of Bishop Pike, supposedly after his death in an Israeli desert in 1969, Bishop Pike would speak through medium Ena Twigg (psychic channeller) after being asked questions by Pearce-Higgins

Pike: Oh God Help me, please help me
Canon: Where are you?... God bless you.
Pike: I'm lost...i'm me- I'm lost...God help me
Canon: On Earth – or somewhere else?
Pike: I'm, in a nowhere, John.
Canon: Are you dead?
Pike: Dead...Yes, I'm nowhere
Canon: Your body is dead...your body is dead
Pike: and I don't belong anywhere, do I?
Canon: Oh yes you dear boy
Pike: where, where, where is this?
Canon: You belong in the upper regions. You're just in the mists right now that we often go to into for some time when we pass over, so I understand...You have your faith in God.
Pike: but this mist...
Canon: This is what they call the River of Death...It's sort of a temporary condition we go through I believe...
Pike (Angrily) They shouldn't have done that to me!
Canon: I think everyone has it...Have you seen anyone you know or are you alone still?
Pike: No, not alone
Canon: Your friends...
Pike: many people here but I can't see anyone

Reverend Canon John S Pearce-Higgins was truly an inspiring and interesting man who believed that God and the Supernatural went hand in hand, although barely remembered in this day and age, I hope that just a few of you go away and research himself yourself, so that his memory and actions can live on through the next generation of spirit-researchers.

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