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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Nelly Barr

Nelly Barr

Hailing from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, today we introduce Nelly Barr of West Australian Paranormal Enthusiasts or WAPE for short.
Western Australia has a growing scene of paranormal investigation as we have seen through previous interviews in this series with other Western Australian teams.
Taken at Swanbourne Mental Asylum by Mandi
this photo has baffled the team for

Nelly tells me she has always had an interest in the paranormal, and unlike many of the people I have interviewed, doesn’t have a story of a spirit manifesting that prompted her to follow a path of paranormal investigation, instead, Nelly tells me, it was always an interest in her life, for as long as she can remember.
Nelly also tells me of seeing 5 cent pieces anywhere and everywhere, which she believes is a sign from above.
 I have often been told that finding random coins (usually gold) in odd places and at random times is a sign of Angel's connecting with you. Nelly also as times hears voices and is at time's empathic, feeling emotions in certain locations.

This was taken at Fairbridge also, and that's my friend who could feel someone above her the whole time we were all in that building, the Bunbury Psychic said someone had hung themselves in that building and my friend felt it and in the pitch black called out to me to take the photo, and that's what I got.

Nelly officially declared her interested in 2011 becoming an investigator but has always visited spooky locations searching for answers of the unknown.

WAPE consists of three team members who are on an equal basis, with no-one an individual team leader. Andy, who is the team sceptic, likes to keep the other two members, Mandi & Nelly grounded.
The team have visited some fantastic locations, but Nelly lists Azelia Ley Homestead as her favourite location to investigate as there the team encountered shadow people, and Nelly had her hair pulled by an entity!
Taken by Mandi at
Maddington farmhouse
. Can you see the
little boys face?
Other locations the team were impressed with, include Fairbridge in Pinjarra, a sad feeling location, Fremantle Power Station, a place Nelly says feels awful, and a place she won't go back too, even in daylight and Greenough, a location that Nelly says “ has an awful vibe about it too, even driving through the town gives me the creeps and I feel unwell and have been overcome by negative emotions, its strange.”

Nelly went on to tell me a little about an investigation at Greenough:
“I was walking through Greenough Cemetery with my friend who suddenly jumped and said "You little bugger" I, of course, was like “what?”, She said "The little bugger pushed me off his grave" and sure enough when we read the stone it was a boy of about 8 years old”

WAPE often use their Spirit Box on investigations, and are often told to “Get out!” or “Run!”, which of course pushed one's adrenaline into overdrive, Nelly and the team also love when they get a name that they can then go and research and find facts on, which gives them a buzz and sense of satisfaction when they find the history matches what they are told.

WAPE has a collection of photos in their “photo vault” that of apparitions they have caught on camera, but Nelly says the scariest one they have was a daylight photo taken by Mandi whilst on holiday in Bendigo.
Although WAPE doesn't run any tours, they often invite people from their facebook group out on trips with them and have also held sleep overnights in Fairbridge. Plans are also in the works for Fremantle Gaol and a sleepover at Woodmans Point Quarantine Station
This is a team not searching for any limelights, just enjoying what they are enthusiastic about, they haven’t done any media, as they are not looking to be famous, they are just looking to be who they are, and enjoy what they do, which is very refreshing in this community where so many are trying to famous for the sake of being famous, without actually investigating the afterlife..

I took this at Fairbridge Village which is an old orphanage for children from the UK from the early 1900s I can see a little curly-haired boy with his arm up to his face in the window pane directly right of the flash, he is as plain as day to me but not to everyone. Matrixing?? not sure but his appearance did fit with what the well known Bunbury Psychic was seeing and feeling at the time. - Nelly

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