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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Friedrich Jurgenson

The Godfather of EVPFriedrich Jurgenson

Born in 1903 in Odessa, a city in Ukraine, Friedrich was the son of a Swedish mother and Danish father, who had moved to the country from Estonia
The family pushed young Friedrich into the arts, he trained as a painter and concerto pianist, whilst around him World War One and a Russian revolution took place.
In 1925 the family moved back to Estonia, Friedrich went as well, and soon left for Berlin to continue studying, only to find his tutor was a Jew, who decided to flee the Nazi's to Palestine, Friedrich went as well and stayed there for 6 years, where he also started a successful Opera career.
Friedrich ventured home to visit his parents in Estonia, the bitterly cold weather damaged his vocal cords and ended his singing career, he decided to then focus entirely on his painting, of which he had become very accomplished
During World War 2, he moved to Sweden, and learnt his tenth language, he also married and became a citizen. He spent his time painting portraits of wealthy Swedes.
Whilst visiting Italy, Friedrich was asked by the Vatican to catalogue their archaeological works, buried beneath the Holy City. Friedrich did as he was asked, and impressed Pope Pius XII so much with his work that the Pope asked him to paint a portrait of him, of which he did, then completed three more, for a total of four portraits of the Pope.

In 1957, Friedrich purchased a tape recorder to record himself singing, he noticed in places, during playback that the sound faded in and out, he also began to take notice of his sixth sense abilities, abstract visions and telepathic messages, many things were coming together at once for him.
He had this to say about what he was hearing.

"I sat by the table, clearly awake and relaxed. I sensed that soon something was going to happen. Following an inner pleasurable calmness, long sentences in English appeared in my conciousness. I did not perceive these sentences acoustically but they formed themselves as long phonetic sentences and after a closer study I couldn't conceive the words as correct English but in a disfigured almost alphabetical way - completely deformed. I did not hear a voice, a sound nor a whisper. It was all soundless." 

In 1959 Friedrich made a discovery that would change the paranormal community. Whilst visiting his country house with his wife Monica, Friedrich decided to take his tape recorder and get some of the local bird sounds caught on tape, whilst listening back he discovered that he could hear a man's voice.
Friedrich said this of his recording:

" I heard a noise, vibrating like a storm, where you could only remotely hear the chirping of the birds. My first thought was that maybe some of the tubes had been damaged. In spite of this, I switched on the machine again and let the tape roll. Again I heard this peculiar noise and the distant chirping. Then I heard a trumpet solo, a kind of a signal for attention. Stunned, I continued to listen when suddenly a man's voice began to speak in Norwegian. Even though the voice was quite low I could clearly hear and understand the words. The man spoke about 'nightly bird voices' and I perceived a row of piping, splashing and rattling sounds. Suddenly the choir of birds and the vibrating noise stopped. In the next moment, the chirping of a chaffinch was heard and you could hear the tits singing at a distance - the machine worked perfectly!" 

Friedrich Jurgenson went on to research and document thousands of voices he recorded, all, he claimed, “spirits from the other side”, or “voices of the dead”
One single event cemented his belief that he was indeed recording the voices of people that had passed over, and that was the sound of his dead Mothers voice.

"I was outside with a tape recorder, recording bird songs. When I listen through the tape, a voice was heard to say "Friedel, can you hear me. It's mammy ...." It was my dead mother's voice. 'Friedel' was her special nickname for me." 

Friedrich abandoned his painting and other interest, and began to concentrate solely on his EVP work, even publishing a book in 1964 titled "The Voices From Space”

Friedrich now found himself in an interesting place, paranormal societies from across the world, The University of Freiburg and the Para-psychological Association of the USA all wanted to talk to him, also, Claude Thorlin and Konstantin Raudive came to visit and learn what they could of Friedrich’s techniques and findings.

In 1960, one of the spirit voices told him to use a radio as a medium to listen and interact with spirits, this he did, and continued to do until his death. He plugged the radio directly into his recording device and set the frequency to around 1145-1500 kHz (1485.0 kHz is now called the J├╝rgenson Frequency), Friedrich found he could communicate in real time with the spirits and hold

Friedrich went to on author more books, and also to paint another Pope, and also make a documentary about him, which earned him the Order of Commendatore Gregorio Magno from the hand of Pope Paul VI.

By the 1980's Friedrich had become very well known in Parapsychology and paranormal investigation circles for his Electronic Voice Phenomena recordings, studies, lectures and books. By 1985 he was predicting that television would soon be able to carry “spirit” pictures with voices also, he called his new vision “Audioscopic Work”, unfortunately, he died before he achieved this dream.

Friedrich Jurgenson died in 1987,  the GodFather of electronic voice phenomena did not merely pass away quietly though, since his death he has returned through EVP sessions, constantly telling how “life” is in the afterlife, his image has even appeared on television sets in different parts of the world at the same time, in similar conditions as to what he had predicted.

For more information one of the Founding Fathers of Electronic Voice Phenomena please visit the links below 

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