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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: HAPP Croatia

HAPP Croatia

This week we travel to the city of Split, a Mediterranean city on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea, centred around the ancient Roman Palace of Emperor Diocletian in Croatia to meet Emily of HAPP Croatia, but in a first for our blog, we have not been given permission to use a photo of Emily, who would prefer to keep her anonymity for now, which I think would be a first in the ego-based paranormal community!

I asked Emily how she became interested in the paranormal?

 "When I was a kid, about 4 years old, I had a strange feeling that I don’t belong here and my real parents are somewhere up so I used to watch the sky every night and cry for them. In that time I started to receive messages from my invisible friend who taught me how to use mental abilities to predict danger, "read" people and things which can help me in the future. I also had dreams about abductions by military people and many years after I realised that weren’t dreams."

Have you had anything paranormal occur in your life? (if so, what has happened)

 "Yes. The most paranormal thing that happened to me were abductions. I can remember many of that, places, people, aliens and I have 2 visible and touchable implants in my skin. It all started when I was so little. After I started to talk about abductions, people in black suits were monitoring me, running after me and tried to hit me with a car.
There are many ghost stories happened in my room, after I woke up in the morning I noticed white wax on my wall. That was strange. After my neighbour passed away, I didn’t know that, but I saw him, walking near me, and he was dead for 3 days then. He looked strange to me. He wore a black suit and his eyes were black."
"Also, electronics become crazy near me sometimes. Once when I was going back home from school, 3 cars on the parking lot started to work when I walked near them. After I went they turned off."

Why did you become an investigator/ researcher?
 "Because I want to find that place where they took me after the abduction and many other people. Some of them die there in a lot of pain and the most of them are homeless. I want to help them. I know how that place looks like."

How has becoming an investigator changed your life?
 "When you "hit the right spot" it is very dangerous to be an investigator. There is much big stuff in the paranormal world that no many people know."

I asked Emily, who is the founder of HAPP about her team and if she had previously worked in other teams
 "I prefer solo work, but I need a team so I have a friend who I works with, but we cooperate with many other investigators."

I asked Emily to share three locations she was most impressed with, but only one location impressed her enough to get a mention!

"Bed room of one girl. We recorded noise while she was sleeping. It was horror what we hear after on the tape. We don’t go on the field for now. All we need is the experience of abductees and by that, we mean on the places they can remember."

Do you have any interesting stories related to an investigation that you can share Emily?
 "A woman contacted with a problem with ghosts. Electronics explode, TV turns on and off by itself, her baby follow something invisible, things move and fall on the ground. She put a camera to record her son while he was sleeping and the camera was moving. Scary. We were talk with her and after a while, we found out that someone from her family died in that house and not so long ago. After she realized that, all stopped."

Has anything unexplainable or paranormal ever happened on an investigation that you wish to share?
 "We were investigate an old part of a hospital. It was under ground, wet, dark and spooky. In one moment we could feel something is there. We weren’t alone anymore. There was an old broken metal telephone without wires and anything, but it started to ring just like a radio in Silent Hill game. We run away and never came back haha :)"

What is your best piece of evidence you have captured, and can you tell me about why you consider it good evidence?
 "The best piece of evidence is an implants I have in my skin. I can`t remember how the first one came, but I remember the other one. After I had a "dream" about an underground hospital, operation room and military persons, I woke up in the middle of the night with a little bloody wound and a metal thing in it. I can write you everything I can remember from an abductions. They always took me in the same place."

What is your favourite piece of equipment, and why?
 "mp3 player and my computer. the mp3 player helps me to record noises when someone sleep and computer helps me to get all the information I need for my work."

Emily and team have appeared in the following Croatian Newspapers,


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