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P.I.: Past & Present: Professor Werner Schiebeler

 Professor Werner Schiebeler

A leading parapsychologist in Germany Dr Werner Schiebeler was born on March 17th 1923 in Bremen, Germany.
After World War 2, Werner studied physics at Gottingen and received his Doctorate from the Max Planck Institute for Flow Research.
From 1955 – 1965 Werner worked in the electrical industry, inventing and patenting numerous inventions he created. For seven years of the ten-year stay in Pforzheim, he was Director of the Development Department for electronic telex equipment.

In 1965 he moved on to Ravensburg Polytechnik where he began to lecture on Physics and electronics, 6 years later he was appointed Professor (1971), and another 12 years later he retired at the age of 60 years old in 1983.
After his retirement, Werner began to intensify his research into aspects of parapsychology something he had longed to do since 1969 when he gave lectures at university on parapsychology and psychophysics parameters
Professor Schiebeler's career and work didn’t go unnoticed, in 1974 he was awarded by the Associazione Italiana Scientifica di Metapsichica with the Ernesto Bozzano Award, and in 1988 he received an award from the Association for Parapsychology in Bern, Switzerland, and much more recently, in 2004 another “Swiss Award”.
Werner also made to films about healing methods used in the Philippines and published 12 books and 15 pamphlets on various parapsychology topics.

  • Testimony to the world beyond. A representation of the experience of evidence
  • The bridge to a new life evidence of a personal life after death, the report of a physicist 
  • Life after earthly death. Experiences of the dead 
  • Fates after death Mutual aid between this world and the hereafter 
  • The mystery in our world. Strange phenomena that want to make us aware 

Through all his research and discovery in Parapsychology, Para-psychophysics, Exceptional Healings, Consciousness and modern death and afterlife research, Werner lost his faith in God and always recognised himself as a Christian with a strong belief in God.
It was always his underlying mission, in all his work to make people more aware of parapsychological research, and let people know the physical death of our bodies was not the end of our existence, just a change of reality.
For Werner religion and charity gave meaning to life, where science could not:
Werner: " If we receive the knowledge of that which is offered to us from the world in which we, after death, result. If we consider it , and use it carefully, and align the guide of our actions accordingly, then we can go through life with other living people with more peace and serenity. Even after we suffer setbacks, we look at the life in this world only as a stepping stone to a life after death, and not get upset in the mass hysteria, as they do when death is an irrevocable terminus for us. "
Professor Werner Schiebeler died on January 12, 2006, in his home. A charitable Protestant Christian man, who even in his final years was willing to help others and offer his knowledge to those seeking it.

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