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P.I: Past & Present - Fox Mulder One Year Anniversary

Fox Mulder - Special Edition

This week marks our 52nd "Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present" blog - That's one whole year of profiling under our belt. We've been around the world, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Hungary, Ireland, the USA, Canada and many other countries. We are hoping to be able to continue for another year and visit many more far flung places.
To mark our anniversary, I thought we'd look at someone who, although fictional, made a mark on the imaginations of many of my generations paranormal investigators...

Fox Mulder

Fox Mulder, works in the X-Files division of America's Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Special Agent.
Mulder's passion for bizarre and unusual has led him into some of the weirdest cases the FBI has ever had on record, usually cases other Agents do not want to touch, or cold case files that are considered too bizarre for most.
Mulder is often looked at as an oddity by his FBI peers, which earned him the nickname “Spooky” by other agents, for his sometimes far-fetched theories on UFO's, extraterrestrial activity and Government Conspiracies.

The path the led Mulder to his passion for the paranormal and to becoming an investigator is a long and muddled one, but its origins lay within the abduction of his little sister, Samantha, which left Mulder scarred and with an endless list of questions, which open to more questions as he discovers his own Father is involved in her abduction!

Mulder graduated from the University of Oxford in 1982 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, he then studied at the Quantico FBI Training Academy and graduated in 1984 with Honours... He joined the FBI officially ion October 24th 1986 and began working at the Behavioural Sciences Unit under Agent Bill Patterson working on cases as a psychological profiler.
In 1998 he was reassigned to the Violent Crimes Unit and came across his first “X-Files” case, cases deemed to be “Paranormal” “Fringe” or unexplainable, Mulder, in his spare time started reading the case files and became obsessive about them.
In 1991 Fox Mulder was allowed to re-open the X-Files division and started looking into the weird and sometimes shocking cases, he was assigned a partner, Special Agent Diana Fowley, but she was soon reassigned and a new Special Agent, one with a grounding in Scientific Reasoning and Method, Special Agent Dana Scully.

Fox Mulder's investigations have taken his across the world from the USA to Russia and other locations, he has also been abducted by Aliens in his time and also infected by an Alien Virus.
Whilst he was abducted, for almost a year, his position in the X-Files division was handed to other Agents, Fox eventually returned to work for the FBI for a small amount of time, but was eventually fired for not following directives and orders from his superiors.
At this point, his life came under threat and he fled into hiding in New Mexico, where he stumbled on evidence of the government hiding an alien colonisation effort, trying to bring the new evidence to light Mulder found himself arrested for the murder of Knowle Rohrer, and was sentenced to death.
Mulder, with the help of Scully, broke out of prison and spent 6 years on the run from the law, until his name was cleared, except by the FBI themselves, whom still have him on their “wanted” lists, but are happy to have him “out of the way” for now.
Mulder lives in isolation away from the world, until the FBI come to him asking for his help with a case where an agent has been kidnapped, that also involves a Priest who is having psychic visions.

The last time Mulder was seen, was with Former Special Agent Dana Scully, in a boat near a tropical island

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