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P.I.: Past & Present - Simon Coleman

Simon Coleman

 Many things deemed paranormal have happened in the life of Simon Coleman, Founder of Wraith Paranormal Research and Investigation, in Launceston Tasmania.
Simon has always had an interest in paranormal subjects, starting out listening to stories about old haunted houses around the suburbs of where he lived as a child.

As a child, he had “hallucinations” in which he saw people in the family home that no-one else could see, from this his curiosity stemmed, which eventually led him to see some amazing and some sickening occurrences.
As a young man, Simon was involved in a seance, whilst nothing “paranormal” happened during the event, it was on his way home that Simon began to experience phenomena he couldn't explain. His climate controlled car was set for a comfortable 24 degrees, but suddenly, halfway home on his drive home, the temperature dropped dramatically, to the point where it was suddenly freezing cold within the car, a bone chill even turning the heater to maximum could not move on.
At the same time, a feeling of paranoia overtook Simon, who suddenly got a feeling someone else was in the car with him, in the back-seat. Out of concern, he pulled over to check the car, and at this point, the atmosphere of the car changed, the heater whirred into life filling the car with hot air.

Whatever was in the car with Simon, left, and so began Simon’s journey to become a paranormal investigator, it was this event that led him to find answers to the mystery that had just happened to him.

Simon is passionate about his team, his research, and the investigations they conduct, and although Simon is the senior member, he doesn’t make much ado about a team hierarchy, instead of employing a sensibility of 'one team, one purpose'.

Often, in a show of mutual respect and unity, Wraith joins forces with another local team, Launceston Paranormal, of whom Simon speaks very highly “They bring their wealth of experience. We hold the same values of integrity and unity.”
Also, Simon tells me that his team offers other teams a service of quality research on locations that sometimes other teams may not have the time or resources to fully research themselves.

Simon currently lives in an old haunted house where, previously, he had been using old techniques to investigate his houses spirits, he recently used more modern equipment, often left unattended, only to find it nowhere near where he had left it, or turned off, which leads him to conclude his spirits do not like modern monitoring equipment very much!

Tasmania offers Simon and Co a wealth of interesting and accessible locations to investigate, but at the moment his team does not have permission to share a vast array of the paces they have investigated.
Simon does, however, favour one particular cemetery that his team uses as a proving ground for the equipment they purchase, much of which is Australian designed and made.
  The team are currently also working on a project involving a daylight haunting in a public place, gathering data, hoping to conclude that there is predominant activity while the sun shines.
Gibbet Hill, in Perth Tasmania, a place that gained international notoriety for events there in 1837, is another location that Wraith is currently working a case file on, which will hopefully be made available to the public.

Simon has had an interesting experience recently with an EM pump her purchased
Simon “I recently purchased an EM Pump and frankly I wasn't sure of its ability to do what its reputed for. After turning it on and sitting quietly with it for a bit nothing much seemed to happen. Then an investigator reported feeling really cold
We immediately checked the temperature of where they were standing at it had fallen by more than 20 degrees below the surrounding air temperature we then backed up that reading with a second device and maintained identical results.
Then further to that, we were able to have the temperature change by asking. A surprising result that had never occurred at this location before.”

Although many have become before Simon in the paranormal community, investigating, researching, and gathering data, Simon has shown a dedication and passion that many of those before him have not.
His enthusiasm and love for what he does washes off on those around him, and will surely lead him to great discoveries and conclusive evidence.
To end today's interview I think I'll leave you with a quote from Simon that sums up his enthusiasm and point of view, thank you Simon, and Wraith Paranormal Research and Investigation for being a part of our blog series.

Simon “I think it’s in my blood now and it isn't something that I will tire from. There is so much to discover and so much we still don't fully understand. I guess it’s a bit like being a scientist at the forefront of discovery.”

You can visit Simon and Wraith Paranormal Research and Investigation on Facebook at
 or at:

Wraith is also currently seeking new members, contact them to apply.

Since writing this blog Simon has now joined 
Tas Ghost Hunting Society

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