Monday, 10 February 2014

How To Calibrate Your Mel Meter


How To Calibrate Your Mel Meter

As part of a presentation for S.A. Paranormal Meet-ups Allen Tiller made this small video showing you how to calibrate your Mel Meter

How To Calibrate A Mel Meter

Step One: Hold the RECORD/ENTER button and HOLD/ESCAPE button at the same time

Turn power ON

When Mel Meter powers on you will see “S-On” on the display screen – keep holding two buttons

When two buttons are released, “0” (Zero) will appear on screen, Quickly push the UP arrow button until it reaches “9”


“CAL” will appear on the screen

Numbers will appear on the screen

Let the numbers stabilise

Step Two: press ENTER and then UP arrow

“200” will appear on the bottom of the screen

Let numbers stabilise again

Step Three: Press ENTER and UP Arrow for a third time

“300” will appear on the screen – this is the third and final calibration

press ENTER again

Then Power Down the meter

Calibration procedure now completed

Now turn on your Mel Meter, it should now be calibrated – if done properly should your Mel Meter should read 0.0

Only do this in a place where no EMF has been previously registered

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