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Stigmata Natuzza Evolo

The Stigmata

Natuzza Evolo

One of the most interesting stigmata cases that has ever been studied by doctors, scientists and members of clergy. The blood and sweat given out from Natuzza's body is often used for a phenomena known as “Hemography”, which is a process where her blood, from the wounds magically transform, through divine intervention, into holy symbols, words, and writings upon bandages, clothing and handkerchiefs that her blood has touched.

Natuzza was born in Paravati, Italy, before she was born her father fled to Argentina, and was never heard of again, Her Mother, Maria, had to take on many different jobs to feed and house her family, and as soon as Natuzza was of age, she too had to work, becuase of this, she was never schooled, and never learnt to read and write.

It is said, even at this early age, Natuzza had visions of Lord Jesus and of Our Lady, The Virgin Mary.
In 1944 she met and married Pasquale Nicolcae, and together they had five children.

A book has been written about the life of Natuzza by Professor Valerio Marinelli, in the book her early life is recorded, as are her visions, and a great deal of interviews are conducted with people who honestly believe they were healed by Natuzza after she prayed for them.

Natuzza became famous after blood coloured images and words appeared on her body around Easter, some of the words were found to be Hebrew and Aramaic, both languages far from the understanding of this humble uneducated Italian woman.
Natuzza felt incredible pain when the images and words would appear, physical and was well as psychological, and no drug could relieve either pain.

For decades after her stigmata was revealed, pilgrims would descend on Calabria, at the southern tip of Italy, and ask her for advice and prayers, offers of hope, and intercession for the souls of their dead relatives.

In May 1987, with permission of Monsignor Domenico Cortese, the Bishop of Mileto-Nicotera-Tropea, Natuzza founded an association named "Fondazione Cuore Immacolato di Maria Rifugio delle Anime" ("Immaculate Heart of Mary, Refuge of Souls Foundation.") The Foundation was later formally approved by the Bishop. 

Natuzza died on Sunday the first of November 2009 of Renal failure, Church Bells rang out at her death (allowed by the Parish Priest) and thousand of Catholics came to pay their respects, from this a cult has risen and it is expected the beatification process will begin very soon.

For a more in-depth look at Natuzza's miracles and the Hemography writings in blood please visit the link below

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