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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Dr Claude Swanson

Dr Claude V. Swanson Ph.D.

Dr Swanson is a Princeton University and MIT educated physicist. He has earned fellowships at Princeton, the “National Science Foundation” and “Putnam fellowships”, and also conducted post-graduate work at Princeton and Cornell Universities where he worked on the design of superconducting plasma containment vessels for fusion energy systems.
Dr Swanson also started his own consulting business that conducted studied in applied physics for commercial companies and government agencies, including The U.S. Army and Navy and the CIA.

For some time now, alongside his “conventional physics” studies, Dr Swanson has also delved into the world of unconventional physics, mainly the unified field theory, or the “Theory of Everything” which aims to explain the universe's existence at its deepest levels. Through this study, Dr Swanson has studied paranormal phenomena's that appear to be real, but stand outside our present understanding of science and consciousness.
Through his studies he has found evidence that signals can move faster than light, that human consciousness and influence can move backward and forward in time and that levitation and teleportation are a distinct possibility.
He has also collected evidence that proves that out-of-body and Near-death experiences show that alternate realities and dimensions do in fact exist, and that human consciousness does indeed outlive the body and continues on.

Dr Swanson has investigated haunted house's, underwater archaeology, Qigong, remote viewing, psychokinesis and other paranormal occurrences, and is developing devices that will help measure the forces behind these phenomena, and hopefully explain how they work.
Dr Swanson has many books available on the different topics he has researched, one of the latest being “Life Force: the Scientific Basis”, a sequel to his earlier book “The Synchronised Universe”, which explores a wide range of human abilities and physical phenomena and how these energies can be utilised by current science to expand out knowledge of how the Universe and our world around us works.
When many minds act collectively, in unison, it does indeed affect space, time and physics in a surprising and remarkable way.  This effect has been demonstrated in the work of Dr. Dean Radin of the Noetic Society, Dr. Roger Nelson of Princeton University, and Professor Bierman of the University of Amsterdam. These researchers have discovered that when many minds focus on the same thought, the quantum randomness of the Universe is reduced.” - Dr Claude Swanson

Dr Claude Swanson Quantum Physicist on Tesla Lights

Claude Swanson, Ph.D. (Part 1) "Life Force: The Scientific Basis"

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