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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Kellie Ann Wirtz

Kellie Ann Wirtz

Hailing from Fond du lac Wisconsin, U.S.A. Today we meet Kellie Ann, co-founder of Wisconsin Team Paranormal Investigation and Research Society.
Kellie Ann first became interested in the paranormal in her early teens, She enjoys researching and reading about all things paranormal, and solving mysteries. Her passion for helping people is what has driven her to take her interest further and start to dig deeper into mysteries, and thus, become a paranormal investigator.
Before Co-founding PIRS, Kelly honed her skills with another team, Kettle Moraine Paranormal Investigation.
Besides being Co-founder of PIRS, Kelli Ann is also lead investigator and the teams blog writer. You can find the team blog here: - the PIRS blog also features interviews and profiles from across the globe highlighting paranormal investigators!

Kellie Ann has investigated some impressive locations, listing the Old City Hall building in West Bend Wisconsin, Washington County Historical Society Old Jailhouse and Courthouse and Villisca Ax Murder house as three that have impressed her. Kellie states that the history of the locations fascinates her, but the help and support of these locations owner/caretakers is what has impressed her most. Kellie Ann also tells me that Villisca Ax Murder house has offered up the best evidence so far.
Despite being impressed with these locations, Kellie Ann still lists peoples private homes as her favourite locations to investigate, as helping people on a personal level is her main priority.

Kellie Ann has had some interesting events happen during her investigations, most notable for her was when her team was trying to contact a 4 year old boy on the other side. Kellie Ann was communicating with the boy, who she says appeared to be frightened by them, calming him down and making him aware they were not there to harm him.
As Kellie Ann left the room, she felt something wrap around her legs, almost knocking her over, but nothing was there, was the boy's spirit offering her a hug for her kind words and efforts to help him?
Becoming a paranormal investigator is often very rewarding when you are doing it for the right reasons, and it can be life changing for some, Kellie Ann has told me that it changed her life for the better, it has opened her mind and heart, and the people she has met have touched her soul. Other investigators have taught her a lot, and that she has seen great acts of compassion and kindness.
There is much good in the paranormal community, and it is good to see connections being made, people learning, inspiring and making positive energy flow.

Everyone loves to hear a good investigation story, so I asked Kellie Ann if she has any stories I can share with you, constant reader.
Kellie Ann:
“While in Villisca, my best friend Char and I performed an experiment. Char had been there the week before our group. She left a message in the attic for me by telling whomever will be there what her favourite colour was. I didn't know the answer to it. So when my group and another group was there I asked the question. What is Char's favourite colour? When we met up in September for a convention we shared our EVP's. Mine came back with "Colour blue" but then it also said "Purple"  Hers said "Please tell Kellie my favourite colour is Blue" but, at the end of it you hear her son say "But Mum I thought your favourite colour was purple?"  So we got both answers on record. We are going back next may together this time and will conduct more experiments. I am truly looking forward to it.”

Paranormal Investigation and Research Society has a valuable asset in Kellie Ann, a kind and compassionate team member, who is willing to share this very profile, which is about her investigative journey, by adding links and information about other team member in her group.
PIRS at this point does not offer tours, but team member Nathan runs a tour and is also an Author, you can check his work out here:

Kellie Ann and PIRS have appeared on a few blog talk radio shows, including “Night Haunts” & “Sunday Night Dead” but as of yet have not been approached for any television or newspaper articles

You can find more about the team on facebook at 
and on the blog at

We wish Kellie Ann and the Paranormal Investigation and Research Society team all the best with their future investigations and endeavours, their compassion and enthusiam will drive this group to many rewarding adventures....

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