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The Stigmata Marie Rose Ferron

The Stigmata

Marie Rose Ferron

Born in St Germain de Grantham , Quebec, Canada, Marie Ferron, also known as “Little Rose”, was born into a large family, the tenth child of a brood of fifteen children. She was born on the 24th of May 1902, four years later, in 1906, the family pulled up its roots and moved south to Fall river in Massachusetts, U.S.A..
Moving again in 1925, “Little Rose” now found herself living in Rhode Island, where the family settled and Marie spent the rest of her lifetime.

It was noted, that even in younger years, Marie was a particularly pious young lady, listening intently during Mass, and staying in her seat afterwards to reflect on what she had just heard, rather than run out to play with the other children.

An unfortunate event occurred to Marie in her teenage years, She was carrying dinner to her father on a spring day, the snow was beginning to melt and the ground was a slushy mess, Marie became seriously sick, and the result was a paralysed hand and foot, oddly, two years later after receiving some holy water, her hand mysteriously healed itself, yet her foot didn’t, and she spent the next twelve years using crutches to get around.

Marie suffered incredibly mental anguish because of her condition, she couldnt go out and play with other children, nor could she go to be schooled due to her illness, it played very deeply on her mind and washed a sadness over her. She writes of it in her letters of her inability to attend schooling:

"I felt as if I were blind, groping in the dark," she said. "I had nothing to look forward to, no hope of bettering my condition. I beheld my ignorance ever before my eyes, and that discouraged me more than my infirmities. Time, that softens everything, even sufferings, increased my own: they broke my heart."

At Six years old Marie had her first vision of Christ, she saw him clearly with a cross, and stated he had a sadness in his eyes.
When she was seven, Jesus taught her a prayer in French, of which she spoke daily until her death

"Lord Jesus, when I reflect upon the words You have uttered, 'Many are called, but few are chosen,'I begin to tremble for those I love, and I beg You to look upon them with mercy: and behold, with infinite tenderness, You place their salvation in my hands, as it were; for everything is promised to him who knows how to suffer with You and for You.
"My heart bleeds under the weight of affliction, but my will remains united to Yours, and I cry out to You: 'Lord, it is for them that I want to suffer!' I want to mingle my tears with Your Blood for the salvation of those I love! You will not turn a deaf ear to my cry of sorrow and You will save them."

During Lent of 1927, Marie suffered the weight of the whole Stigmata, unlike almost all stigmatic's before and after her, she bore the hand and feet wounds, the wound in her side, the crown of thorns, and the bleeding eyes as well as the cat'o'nine tails scourging marks from when Jesus was whipped, these appeared across Marie's arm.
The wounds began to appear on a regular basis, every Friday.
In front of the eyes of witnesses, her biographer and a Priest, the wounds in hands appeared, and blood streamed from them, not a steady flow like one would expect, but a rushing gorge of blood, Marie said at the time that it felt like her hands were being torn in two.

A priest who examined the wounds wrote:

"The blood gave a sweet-smelling odour unknown to me, somewhat like a perfume; my hands became saturated with it....It was not a transitory smell, since the odour persisted till the following morning."

In 1929, poor Marie’s Stigmata became even worse, when she began to suffer the Stigmata of the heart, the pain of the spear of Longinus, piercing through her side, and into her heart, just as Jesus would have suffered.

Marie Rose Ferron lived to the age of 33, the same age of which Jesus died. Marie became blind, and before her death, the pain in her head so tremendous, that any noise that was a little loud in her vicinity would cause her too faint, on her last day alive, her hearing and sight failed also

Marie was clothed in a habit from the religious foundation she had founded, under direction from God, knows an “The Sisters of Reparation of the Sacred Wounds of Jesus” and presented in the Church before burial, nearly fifteen thousand people signed the guest book.

Sources: “Crucified with Christ” by Herbert George Kramer S.M., P.J. Kenedy and Sons, 1949 and also the excellent book “She Wears a Crown of Thorns”, by Rev O.A. Boyer S.T.L Benzinger Brothers, 1949. 

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