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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Amanda Maloney

Amanda Maloney W.A.P.R.

Our second guest from West Australian Paranormal Researchers, Amanda Maloney is the team's Case Manager, investigator and researcher.

Amanda found an interest in the paranormal as a young child, but during her teenage years, it scared her, so her interest waned just a little, until a new batch of paranormal related television shows began, which in turn, renewed her interest in paranormal themes and topics once more.

As a child, Amanda used to Astral Travel, and remembers a lot of paranormal phenomena occurring around her, as an adult, and paranormal investigator she has encountered her fair share of action over the years.

Amanda loves being able to match up historical documents and stories with activity the team captures in locations, she also has an interest in the scientific side of investigating, and believes there is more out there than we know or understand

Albany Quarantine Station, which is in the middle of the bush, with no-one around, is one of Amanda’s favourite locations to investigate. Amanda and the team have witnessed many paranormal occurrences at the location, including hearing footsteps, doors opening and banging, and an apparition of a little girl. Also in this location 4 members of the W.A.P.R. Team watched a ball of light try and materialise in front of them.

Amanda wrote this about an investigation at the Albany Quarantine Stations:
“ When we were at the Albany Quarantine station it was just about midnight when things started to happen. Our K2's were going off and we had been hearing footsteps on the verandah outside the room we were in, but we were all there. All of a sudden 3 different people saw a little girl probably around the age of 6-8 looking through the window. People went racing out the door and around either side of the verandah. They met up in the middle and no little girl. The drop off the verandah would have been impossible for anyone to do without injuring themselves but the guys did also check down on the ground and under the building and there was no way a little girl would be out there in the middle of the bush anyway. Around the same time the french doors to the room which also had two chairs in front of them were pushed open.”

Amanda's favourite piece of evidence captured so far, was also caught on her favourite paranormal tool, a recording device.

The team heard a disembodied voice, call out “Mummy!”, and could find no logical explanation for it, the best thing is, the voice was captured on 4 different recording devices and witnessed by 5 separate investigators present at the time.

W.A.P.R. conduct public ghost hunts for members about every 6 weeks. As locations change each time you need to keep an eye on the W.A.P.R. facebook page for when an event is coming up. There is no charge for these hunts.

WAPR and Amanda have appeared in the following media:

The Guardian Express - local paper (May 2012)
Swan Valley Magazine - local magazine (Nov 2010)
Take 5 - magazine (Feb 2012)
Weekend Courier - local paper (Sept 2011)
Today Tonight - TV show
ABC radio - morning show" 

Visit WAPR online at: 

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