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Stigmata: Maria Esperanza de Bianchini

The Stigmata
Maria Esperanza de Bianchini

Born in Venezula on November 22, !928, Maria is also known locally as “Servant of God, Maria Esperanza” a title given to one who is thought to be Pius in their religion, and to be investigated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church to be taken towards Sainthood.

Maria was born on the feast of Saint Cecilia in Barrancas, not far from the Orinoco River, she had considered becoming a Nun at one pint, but had a vision on October 3, 1954, that called for her to live the life of a wife, she went on to have seven children and tweny grandchildren!
The vision was that of Saint John Bosco. Saint John told her how she would meet her husband on November 1st 1955, of which she did and, as above, went on to marry and have a large family.
Maria was devoted to St Therese of Lisieux, the “Little Flower” and spent much of her time in prayer for intercession from her.
Many of her followers, and the cult that has sprung up about Maria believe in a long list of supernaturla knowledge bestowed upon this humble wife from God.
They believe Maria recieved the gifts of Levitation, Healing, apparition, Discernmentof Spirits, Locution, Ecstacy, The Odour of Sanctity ( an unsual effect attributed to many saints where the odour of freash roses rises from their bodies after death) and the stigmata.
There have been witnesses to her levitation during mass and her bilocation (where a person is in one place, but is seen in another at the same time).
Maria was also present, with 150 other people, when Our Lady, The Virgin Mary appeared to people in Finca Betinia, Venezuela, which has been authenticated as a real event by the local Bishop and The Holy See.

Maria Esperanza lived with her stigmata, and still ran a household, had children and grandchildren, managaed to pray, go to church and do all the humdrum things us normal folk do, so even though the Stigmata is a Holy gift, it did not get in the way of her every day life.

Maria was also a modern mystic, revealing a great deal of prophecies, some have calimed to be eeriely accurate, for more on Maria, please follow the links below.

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