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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Erwin Olde

Erwin OldeParanormal Investigators Nederlands

Today we travel to the Netherlands to meet Erwin and Mariska Olde. Erwin has replied to my questions in such a manner that I haven’t had to edit or write much at all, so without further ado, let me introduce Erwin and Mariska of Paranormal Investigators Nederland

My name is Erwin Olde and I am married to Mariska (also an investigator of PIN). I was born in Hoogeveen – The Netherlands and we are still living there. 

Ever since I was a young boy the paranormal always interested me. Although my parents didn't believe me if I told them that I saw dark figures in the hallway. But I knew then that what I saw was real.

Since 2002 I started to do some research on my own. I always knew that there was more so I surfed the web for more information about the paranormal and about investigations. The years went on and on and in 2010 I met Ronny (Team NPRT) and he invited us for an investigation. In December 2010 my wife and I decided to start our own team and PIN (Paranormal Investigators Nederland) was born.

Being an investigator changed my life. People depend on you, they want your opinion because they know that we believe them. Being an investigator is a way of life.

As I mentioned before, we started PIN in 2010. This is my first team and it will also be my last team. As the founder of PIN, I am also an investigator and most of the time responsible for the daily business (speaking with clients, arrange meetings etc.) Currently, our team has 4 investigators and 1 medium who will support us during an investigation. This person doesn't join us when we are on an investigation, But we can depend on her.

There are many great places to investigate like old castles or a very old forest. But also private homes are great to investigate.
The great thing about being an investigator is that every place you visit you get to know more about the history of a certain area.

Fortress Island IJmuiden
The 3 locations that impressed me the most(so far)are Fortress Island IJmuiden, an old factory and of course my first investigation as a team. All locations are in the Netherlands.

But there are some locations that I really would like to investigate like Waverley Hills (2015), Edinburgh and the Queen Mary 2 and of course, there is a location in Australia, I believe it’s the Westwood Sanatorium, Queensland. But we are also working on a new project about the second world war.

Paranormal investigations are always interesting because you never know what will happen. This year we did an investigation in a private home. Suddenly I got the feeling that the entity was trying to “attack” me because he didn't like my presence  At the and of the investigation we did a ghostbox session and one of the team members asked if the person liked me, the answer was “no”. But the best piece of evidence we have so far was captured on Fortress Island IJmuiden. In this footage, you see 2 white shadows passing by our camera’s and a few seconds later you see the camera moving.

My favourite piece of equipment is my voice recorder. But also the MEL-meter. But there are many cool things to get online. But the voice recorder is a great piece of equipment and probably the most important piece of equipment. But the DVR-system is also great because you can monitor the investigators at a distance and if you see something “strange” on the monitor or the investigator noticed something you can immediately take notes of the action.

At this moment we are very busy with a co-operation with 2 other teams (GH-NrWup – Thomas and NPRT – Ronny). I am always prepared to help people and to inform them about the paranormal.
cemetery in Hallum (The Netherlands)

Since December 2011 we are working with a producer, she is making a pilot for the Dutch TV about paranormal investigators in The Netherlands. I am also being asked for an American Radio station to join them live in their radio station.

Our website ( is currently under construction, but every new item concerning our investigations, the team of news will also be published on our facebook page:

We also have Hyves (, it is a Dutch social network, and we want to use this for education, information about the paranormal,  especially for children.

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