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Stigmata: Hemography

Stigmata: Hemography

For those of you paying attention during our stigmata series, you may remember the word Hemography being briefly described in the short profile on Natuzzo Evolvo and her Stigmata case.
Hemography whilst being associated closely to the Stigmata, is not solely associated with it, but is a paranormal phenomenon all of its own, although it remains one of the lesser known phenomena because it does not receive the same media attention as say, UFO, Hauntings or Near Death experiences, it is still a subject that can be studied by paranormal investigators and scientists alike to try and ascertain its validity as a real and actual event.

So what exactly is Hemography I hear you ask? Well, to put it simply, it is the formation of letters or symbols on walls, cloth, bandages etc, with human blood, done from an unknown or supernatural force.

With Natuzzo Evolvo it involved the bandages that wrapped the wounds of her stigmata, when taken off her wounds the blood stains would form hieroglyphs of Christian symbols of Jesus, the rosary or other Catholic religious symbolism.

In other documented cases words have been written in blood, in one long string of documented events the words “God is Nowhere” was seen to be written in blood, but more recently this phrase has changed to “God is Now Here”, but who the writer is, none of the people investigating is really sure, but what they do know is that humans are not the ones writing the phrases, it seems to come from an unseen supernatural force, maybe even multiple forces, if they are good, evil or neutral is also unknown.

Hemography is still a relatively unknown phenomena, and as such has had little or no research done upon it, it has had some exposure through the Television show “supernatural” in recent years, but many people believe it to be a fictional, “made up for television phenomena”, rather than something that is very real in the physical world.

Maybe this article has sparked your interest and you might like to look a little deeper into the phenomena, as per usual with all our Eidolon Paranormal post, we encourage that you investigate for yourself, below is a couple of links to get you started

Below are links to a few case file studies on the phenomena

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