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Stigmata: Heather Woods

Heather Woods

A remarkable case of Stigmata is that of Heather Woods, why is it so remarkable?
Because this is one of the best documented cases of The Stigmata in modern, if not all times.
Researchers John and Anne Spencer have put a great deal of their own and time and money into documenting Heather's particular case.
The couple's study has seen them live for three days with Heather as well as accumulate 12 hours of video-taped interviews, over 130, 000 words of dictated memories, access to all of Heathers private diaries where she had written about messages from God, her pain and other writings about her stigmata, as well as having access to all of Heathers writings that she claims are channelled messages from God.

Heather came from a background of child abuse, she was removed from her parents at a very young age, and subsequently abused by her carers, this led the researchers not to trust her psychological health as many people who suffer such trauma at an early age have psychological issues in their adulthood.
Abandonment issues often show themselves in ones adult live as attention seeking behaviours, of which Stigmata would certainly fit the bill.

Heather would fall into trance like states, and begin writing at incredible speeds and drawing pictures of her visions, at the same time her stigmata would appear. She believed whole-heartedly that her writings and vision were given to her by God.
Her writings read like sermons and her pictures would always be of Jesus either being baptised or being crucified.
Heather stated that when she had the Stigmata she felt like she was “inside Christ” upon the cross, and felt herself with him at many times throughout Jesus life in the biblical times. She also felt herself with John the Baptist, she described it as 'It was as if I was there. I could see the water dripping from him, sparkling in the sunlight.'

Unfortunately by the time Heather was 44 she had been in and out of surgery for various organ failures, and had most removed, she also suffered from cancer, and her body was a wreck, but she still maintained a sense of dignity, and some witness claim, “holiness” about her in her meetings with people and interviews with the media.
Heather was featured in a 1994 Easter documentary in the USA and is also the subject of at least two books.

Stigmata Video :

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